Based on personality, each individual can be classified into either of the two personality groups i.e. Type A personality and type B personality. While many people are not very keen to know their personality type, taking the time to know yourself can help you navigate through life more easily by helping you understand yourself better. It can also help you avoid health problems since there are very huge differences between the health patterns of Type A personalities and Type B personalities.

Defining type A and type B personalities

Type A people are often highly ambition, hard-working, anxious, self-critical and impatient. On the other hand, type B people are less prone to stress, have modest ambition, are social, procrastinating and creative.

While many critics of the A/B personality theory propose that it’s too simplistic to accurately describe human personality, understanding the differences between the two types of personalities can help you get acquainted with the theory and understand its implications.

Here are four areas where key differences between A/B personalities are evident.

Stress levels

Type A individuals are always on a race to achieve their goals. These constant races to reach multiple goals can take a huge toll on their mental resources making them experience a high level of stress. Type B individuals, however, are not too stressed over their desire to excel. They are rarely disappointed by their failures and their ability to avoid rushing leaves them highly free of stress.


Being short tempered is a common trait within the type A personality group. They get angry easily, though they will rarely let their emotions turn physical through aggression. On the other hand, type B people are evenly tempered and will rarely let their tempers to get out of control. They are great at working with people due to their calm temperament,


Type A people are highly competitive and love winning. They find it very difficult to deal with losing and see every opportunity as a competition where they must win. The game of life for them is a daily competition against others around them which constantly motivates them to do better than the people around them.

Type B persons are fairly less competitive than the former. They view events in their lives not as competitions to be worn, but as chances to enjoy the journey. Their love of the game far outweighs their need to be winners.

Time constraints

To type A personality, time is a tool for which they should maximize their output. They try to squeeze in as much as they can into any shred of time they get. Wasting time is unbearably painful to them and in the long run, they may end up working themselves into both physical and mental burnouts.

Type B personalities are rather free with their time. They will find time to do the activities that they have scheduled, but any unplanned period of time they get can be just as easily wasted. Their stress-free nature around time saves them from the drastic effects of constant overworking and burnout.

Bottom line

Without knowing the clear differences between the A/B personalities, it is very difficult to understand the role that an individual’s personality plays to overall wellbeing.

However, the fast-paced lives of Type A personality have been found to take quite a huge toll on their health. Research has shown that they are quickly overwhelmed and can suffer from stress and depression more quickly than type B individuals. Also, the risk of developing heart diseases is higher in type A personality.