14 Drooling Food And Drink Emojis

In modern communication, one of the most exciting developments today is the emoji. The tiny photos spice up every message. However, others are still confused and can’t interpret some emojis. In this article, we will not confuse you, but we will make you crave with these food emojis.

Food emojis are an excellent way of saying you want to eat them or you are craving them. You can make their stomach rumble with a burger or offer a healthy lunch using those leafy green emojis. Below are the food and drink emojis that will make you hungry.

Birthday Cake Emoji

The cake emoji is the frosted cake offered for a birthday dinner, with candles lit by features. This emoji is commonly used when you want to greet someone happy birthday or if you are craving for cake. The cake design differs across platforms with white icing and strawberries. 

Because of the signature candles, this seldom includes any other meanings that are not birthday-related. The systems of iOS and Android suggest a Christmas cake from Japan.  You’ll crave its sweet taste once you see it in the chats.

Burrito Emoji

Because of the intricate design of the interior of the burrito, this food emoji is very appealing. The corn, beans, and salsa can be easily seen, which are the burrito’s signature ingredients. This emoji seems to offer Chipotle a run for their money. 

Fried Shrimp Emoji

The fried shrimp emoji should be on this list because it’s perfect for any meal to have. Any shrimp lovers will instantly crave fried shrimp if you send this emoji. Even if it can rarely be used, knowing it’s there with its crispy texture is already mouth-watering. 

Sushi Emoji

This food emoji is probably the most complicated collection of emojis for food. You’ve got a bento basket, sashimi, which looks like sticky rice. Whatever they may be, they work for social media pages, like in many Japanese restaurants. Using these emojis for any restaurant owner can get customers and boost their sales.

Avocado Emoji

Avocado emoji is undoubtedly included in this list because avocados taste amazing and because it’s the most trendy product since it always tastes good in most dishes. This food is perfect for any meal and has many recipes that include avocados that you can browse on the internet. 

Coffee Emoji

We all send our friends or post our regular morning coffee on our Facebook through this cute emoji coffee cup. The drink we all can’t wait for every morning to energize us throughout our day. 

Wine Emoji

Just had to include the wine emoji since it is a staple combination for every dinner; even though some people don’t like wine, it still needs to be mentioned. Not only does the wine taste good, but it also has some significant health benefits when we drink it moderately. 

Croissant Emoji

The number of studies abroad associated with this emoji in Paris social media handles is infinite. Croissant is one of the most go-to food in Paris. Most people are not aware that there are many flavors inside to choose from in this food. 

Donut Emoji

This emoji is important in our list. There is no limit to the number of puns used in this emoji, and people never get bored with them. This sweet food is one of the best comfort foods there is.  

Ice cream Emoji

For the summer seasons, the ice cream emoji is the greatest. After taking some pictures in a popular restaurant that offers rewarding ice cream flavors, consumers are proud of including this emoji. If you are pleased after getting your favorite ice cream flavor, you can do this at any moment and want to display how content you are. 

Burger Emoji

This food emoji is a flexible emoji which is great for any fast food you go to eat. The emoji is squeezed in the center of melting mozzarella cheese that would undoubtedly make you drool. 

And who doesn’t want our favorite toppings to cover a perfect slice of burger? Send this emoji to your buddy, and if he asks you to go out with him/her, your buddy won’t be disappointed. 

Pie Emoji

The pie emoji satisfies thousands of consumers worldwide. Across different sites and other social media, the pie emoji is excellent for any dessert activity; regardless of its different visuals, it always satisfies when you show the entire online community how much you enjoy a slice of the pie. 

Chocolate bar Emoji

One of the happy pills that we can’t deny is chocolate bars, and it is wrong not to have this emoji on our most favorite list. You’ll be craving a triple dark chocolate cookie until someone gives you those chocolate bar emojis. Let the first taste of sugar and fun be the emoji. 

Crab Emoji

Hello to our seafood lover friends who would go crazy for this food. Unfortunately, on other platforms, the crab symbol has no different color variants. This emoji resembles the Lobster and Squid emoticon. This is so popular on YouTube that Youtubers eat in while the viewers drool as they watch. Send this to any of your friends, and they would go nuts with you.


We normally use the recognized emojis for our social media platforms or chatting with friends when talking about fantastic delicacies with a wonderful taste mentioned above. In any phone that will set your mood, there are more food emoticons that you can explore and try to tease your friends.