5 Ancient Perils Modern Boaters Still Need To Worry About

For as long as humans have been traveling, seafaring has been a popular mode of transportation. Nowadays, many who are out on the rivers, lakes, and high seas are weekend warriors out there purely for the love of it. However, despite all of the advances in technology, there are still some dangers that boaters need to prepare for, even if they seem like perils only faced by ancient sailors.

Lack of Water

It’s an irony captured in literature that boaters are surrounded by water, though many times it is not potable. Thankfully, modern vessels are equipped with marine plumbing parts supplies like filtration systems.


While the boats of yore were flammable because of their wood construction, modern vessels also have fuel and electrical components on board which pose a fire hazard. The good news is that fire detecting and fighting have improved tremendously, reducing the risk of serious damage or injury.


Without a way to predict weather except for the old sailors’ adage about watching the color of the skies, many vessels were lost at sea due to unexpected storms. While today’s weather tracking equipment is light years ahead, boaters still must heed those warnings.


Far from the lovable rascals in the movies, pirates still exist in some parts of the world. Short excursions off domestic shores are generally free from the marauding menaces, but know your risk for long-haul trips and international travels before you go.

Medical Emergencies

Experiencing a medical emergency while far from shore can still be a dangerous situation. However, modern advances like automated external defibrillators can provide life-saving support until help can reach you.

Even as humans have walked on the moon and orbited the Earth, the sea still calls to many just as it did thousands of years ago. Some of the dangers are the same as they were in ancient times, but thankfully the solutions have advanced well beyond what those seafarers could have ever dreamed.