6 Cakes According To Your Husband’s Personality

Husband’s are complicated. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. If your husband is out of town for even two days, you start to miss him like you haven’t seen him in a million years but as soon as he comes home, within a few hours, you start complaining about how he doesn’t help you with house chores or that he never takes you out for dinner.


Nevertheless, he is your partner in crime. He is your strength and is always standing by your side to protect you from any harm coming your way. After listening to a lot of wives, we concluded that every husband has a personality type. Every person is different, of course, but when it comes to play the role of husband, men can be categorized as a particular type. Since, his birthday is upcoming or is just around the corner, it will be fun to get your husband a cake, which is compatible with his personality type. Let’s go through each of them one by one and have some fun:

  1. The Cricket Fan

We all know the type. No matter what happens, he will be stuck to his television till the match is finished. He will shout out on every boundary and could actually get upset if the team he supports, starting to lose. His emotions are attached to the sport and his Sundays are fixed for it. Get him a cake dedicated to the sport he loves so much.

  1. The Lazy Husband

If it is not about the job, he might not crawl out of bed till noon. Too lazy to even find the remote, plug in the charger or switch off the light, he calls out your name for every little thing to do. It might be frustrating at the time but he is your sweetheart after all. Get him a classic vanilla cake with some pretty sprinklers on it and enjoy the celebrations with smiles

and laughter.

  1. The Fitness Freak

It is amazing how he finds time from job and family to hop up to the gym everyday and keep his body fit all the time. He is never lazy for the gym and will never miss it , no matter what the season is. He urges you to join him too and count the calories more than you do for yourself. Gift him a unique cake showcasing his love for fitness.

  1. The Miser One

For him spending money is a tough task. He is better at bargaining at flea market than you and will budget every penny before he spends it. He is stickler for half price sales and discount is his first demand for everything he buys. He is the one who take cares of family’s expenses and a beautiful half cake will be a perfect fit for his birthday.

  1. The Romantic Type

He is romance personified and still wears his heart on his sleeves, but this time, its just for you. He comes up with little gestures everyday to remind you that he loves you from the bottom of his heart. A double heart shaped cake will be a perfect gift for him on his birthday.

  1. The Workaholic Husband

He is the definition of punctuality. He never misses work because he simple loves his job. His work is an important factor in his life and weekends are too long a time for him to spend without being in his office. A formal fondant cake will be a perfect cake for his birthday.

If you are not able to find these cakes in any bakery in the market, try order a birthday cake for husband from a reputed online bakery. You will not be disappointed and also, the cake will be delivered at your doorstep without any hassle.