A Guide to Learn About the Flatbed Transport Option

A car shipping company offers three main types of carrier options: An open car carrier, an Enclosed car carrier, and a Flatbed car carrier. These options are offered based on the current condition, weight, make and model, of the car. Compared to the open and enclosed carriers, flatbed carriers are very less used.

Some of the reasons for their limited demand are the protracted scheduling, higher rates for flatbed, pickup, and delivery. In this article, we will understand what makes Flatbed transportation unique and why should people choose it despite its pitfalls.

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What Is a Flatbed Transport?

A flatbed truck is a special kind of truck that has distinctive bodywork. It comprises a flat ‘bed’ that has no roof or sides. This unique characteristic feature of the truck provides innumerable advantages for truckers in the logistics and transportation industry.

Why Do You Need a Flatbed Transport Option?

Flatbed transport carriers tow vehicles that are more in terms of weight and size. It is not possible to load and haul such vehicles using a standard open auto transport carrier. Some of the examples of such vehicles are larger trucks, lifted vehicles, oversized stock production automobiles, a large-sized pickup truck, a small motorhome, an extended cargo van.

All of these vehicles are bulky in size, height, and weight and need a specialized service for their shipping.

Advantages of Using a Flatbed Truck for Transportation and Delivery

Flatbed trucking comes with specialized features that suit the trucking needs of larger vehicles. Some of the major benefits that it provides to the user are as follows:

·       Convenient Loading and Unloading

Flatbed trucks have no roof or sides surrounding the bed. Due to which they provide a larger space for bed storage. This makes it easier for flatbed drivers to load and unload their trucks.

·       Saves Time

Another benefit of a flatbed truck is that a driver can load and unload freight in any direction using a hand or a crane. This way, it not just saves time but also creates operational efficiency throughout the supply chain. This shipping option ensures timely deliveries of cargo that results in a successful business partner relationship.

·       Lesser Number of Trips

Transporting vehicles through flatbed trucks involves a lesser number of trips. This is because the trucks offer increased storage space that enables the driver to accommodate as much cargo freight as possible. Reduced number of trips, leads to lesser effort, low fuel consumption, and more efficient delivery times.


A flatbed transport option is ideal for shipping automobiles heavy construction equipment that can’t be shipped through standard automobiles. Heavyweight and increased fuel consumption make them unsuitable to ship on a standard carrier. A flatbed transport truck is ideal to transport such automobiles. However, their limited supply makes it difficult for people to access these shipping trucks. So, if you want to ship a heavy automobile, then you should book for this service in advance.