A List of the Best Chinese Restaurants in Sydney

The best Chinese restaurant in Sydney cannot be relegated to a few names. Chinese food is very popular all over the world. It is one of the most sought after cuisines in different parts of the world liked by a huge populace. Restaurants, fine dining as well as cheap joints, take away, parcels and in house dining. Moreover, all have a wide but very loyal clientele that indulge in Chinese food.

Chinese food comes from a lot of different provinces of china. A few popular types of cuisine are Cantonese, Hunan, and Sichuan etc. The different regions are different in their form of cooking- stir fries, smoking or curing the meats, hot spots. They also differ in the potency and strength of the spices used ranging from mildly spicy almost bordering on sweet to mind numbing chilly.

Some of the most popular Chinese restaurants around Sydney have been compiled by our team for you:

The Century – The Century is a part of the esteemed chain Golden Century. The Century is located at The Star. This finest Chinese restaurant in Sydney serves classic dishes which are only available in this restaurant. The restaurant serves a wide variety of seafood like fresh lobster, a variety of crabs including king crab  and mud crab , as well as fish like abalone. There are a lot of dishes that are chicken based as well. Vegetarians will also not be disappointed.

Chairman Mao – This restaurant is based in Kensington. The name of this restaurant is based on the famous Chairman Mao who was a native of the Hunan province in China. The food in this restaurant can be included in being the top Chinese diners within Sydney.  The cuisine here is based on the typical Hunan dishes which are served generally steamed or cold as well as the staple dishes available. The dishes you have to try at Chairman Mao are the Generals own favorite braised meat in red sauce and smoked and stir fried meat which is served with tofu in five spice mix.

Chef’s Gallery – This awesome Chinese restaurant in Sydney CBD for its dumplings. The cuisine served here is a perfect fusion of traditional flavors served with a modern twist. Noodles are handmade at this establishment and are also one of the specialties. Some of the signature and unique dishes served here are:

  • Macanese bite sized burgers
  • Handmade spinach and egg tofu
  • Dumplings stuffed with jumbo prawns and beef

Billy Kwong – In Potts Point awesome Chinese diner in Sydney can be found. Billy Kwong is superlative in its ability to please the discerning taste buds of even the most hard to please diners. The restaurant ranks high in all the fine dining establishments serving Chinese cuisine. All the food prepared here is made from only high quality, organic, ingredients that are biodynamic. The menu is made of dishes that very smoothly blend the East and the West.


Australia has a mix of a lot of immigrants from all over the world. The Chinese have succeeded in making their mark on the food culture in Australia. Thebest Chinese restaurant in Sydneycan be found with no hassle to satisfy all your food cravings.