Are The Astonishing Effects Of Clenbuterol Are As Real As Claimed?

There is no consensus among the bodybuilders and athletes regarding the effects of Clenbuterol as two factions of this community have different opinion about this drug. Many people often question about its anabolic effects. Let us therefore discuss about clenbuterol, why it has been designed and how this can have any medical utility.

Many bodybuilders however use this drug for preventing their muscle loss while they go for dieting. Few bodybuilders however use it for their tissue building while few consider it for losing their fats.

It does not have any anabolic effect

Like any other anabolic androgenic steroid it is not that effective as a muscle or tissue builder however during its cutting cycle it may promote retention of lean muscles. However, when this drug was tried with animal by giving them higher dosage and it was found that they develop muscle faster. However for humans it is found to be beneficial for those who are suffering from lung disorder or asthma.

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There are plenty of disputes among body builders about its anabolic effects. There may be some effect on muscle building but that is a peanut. Therefore hardly any body builder ever considers this drug for bodybuilding purposes. However it has been observed that it does produce some amount of thermogenic effects in our body. However, to get the appreciable effect one need to take very high dosage. Therefore if you are serious about muscle development it is better to look for some anabolic androgenic steroids instead of depending on this drug.

Why still some bodybuilders use it?

As this drug is associated with thermogenic effect therefore bodybuilders prefer to use it during their end of steroid cycle to lose some weight before the competition. However the drop of weight is never more than 3 to 5 pounds.

Since Clenbuterol does not raise testosterone level, the dosage needs to be raised considerably to get appreciable level of thermogenic effects. Typically any bodybuilder should take anything between 60 mcg to 140 mcg in a day. Women should take little less and remain within 40 to 120 mcg per day.

If this drug is used for any medical use then it should be supplemented with high protein and carbohydrate moderated diet. Fat content must be minimal in the diet.

Some people like to raise the dosage more than recommended level to get better results however that can sometime result into negative impact on health.