Best 3 Dancing Male Superstars of Telugu Cinema

Telugu Cinema is the backbone of the success of Indian cinema in the world of film. Telugu film industry grasps the Guinness World Record for the leading film production capacity in the world. Telugu movies are famous for action, dance movements, and love themes. Carrying a diligent message of positivity, peace, and will power, Telugu movies are watched online around the globe. Telugu movies are dubbed in more than five languages as they have massive popularization among all the nationalities. Telugu movies are playing a significant role in awaking the people with their basic human rights and encourages society for education. The shooting of movies is done all over the world. The screenplay and characterization are based on real-life events, politics, nepotism, corruption, fights against the evils, entertainment, infotainment, scientific research, romantic love stories, religious, fiction, and non-fiction scripts. But the key thing that urges the world to watch new Telugu movies online is the amazing and innovative dance movements of superstars. Because dance is the thing that fills the colors in life. Telugu cinema has proven as a womb of talented dancers that are loved all over the world. Below are the top three superstars of Telugu Cinema.

Ram Charan

Ram Charan is the leading performer of the Bollywood film industry. Besides acting, he is graceful in dance numbers. He is the one who sets the screen on fire with his magical dance movements. .His dance movements appear to be forte. Like his father, the great Chiranjeevi, his dance movements are very clear, oblique, and in a versatile mannerism. His attire, dressing style, makeup, and booming movements give the viewers a fresh sensation of a genteel guy. Charan holds many records in his portfolio, including Nandi Awards and Zee-Cine Awards. Charan’s best performance is a dance on the song Jigelu Rani is considered as “Jigelu Rani.”

Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun is a big name in the Telugu film industry. His dance is unique and awe-inspiring to watch. While watching his dance in theatres audience cheers, whistle, singalong and start to dance. In his movements, there is always a sudden excitement that keeps the feet tap all the time. He can dance to any category of music and typically dazes the public with his knee sashaying dance. Hrithik Roshan once in an interview, said that he is impressed with Allu’s dancing skills, Hrithik said: “What he eats before dancing.” Disha Patani has also appreciated him. His best performance is “Seeti Maar.”


Jr. NTR is known as the dance God of Indian cinema. NTR’s His graceful class moves, and mass moves are next to amazing. It is famous for NTR that he is a very quick learner, and even choreographers intimate him. While shooting, he just approaches on set and acquires his steps in just one take. He willies a leg for bliss as he leaves his dance moves in the air. He is an arduous dance, thumping his moves hard and oozing with poise. He holds the IIFA award of best performance, and he is two times winner of the Nandni Award. His best performance is “Apple beauty.”

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