Charges On Drug Crime In Tennessee And The Way Forward

It is no brainer that across the United States, drug crimes often attract a lot of attention from law enforcement agencies both within the state and the federal government. In Tennessee, it is no different as the state has often gone the extra miles in ensuring that they have severe legal consequences for any drug-related offenses. Going by statistics, every year there are tens of thousands of cases which are handled by the state, reflecting a large percentage when compared to most other offenses dealt with by the courts.  This high rate of drug crime charges in Tennessee has consequently called for the necessity of individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the law to know what the charges mean and their chances when facing the legal system.

Are all drug-related offenses punished?

The first question that anyone who is facing a drug charge in Tennessee often wants to know is the potential consequences associated with the conviction. To have a clear perspective of this, it is important to note that there are different categories of drug-related offenses according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The major categories which determine most drug-related charges are;

  •    Simple drug possession and casual exchange
  •    Possession of drugs with the intent to manufacture, sell or deliver them
  •    Sale of controlled substances
  •    Drug manufacturing
  •    Drug trafficking and conspiracy

Each of the different charges is punishable under different Tennessee law statutes with the final charges depending on the type and amount of drugs that are in question. Primarily, simple possession or casual exchange carries the least charges as one faces a Class A misdemeanor. The rest of the charges are often deemed as felonies and can range anywhere from Class E to Class A which has the highest range of sentence.

Marijuana laws in Tennesse

While Tennessee adheres to the federal classification of Marijuana to be a Schedule VI substance, the possession and trade of Cannabis in the state is illegal. What this means is that one can easily face a felony charge due to the sale, manufacture, or possession of marijuana in Tennessee.

What is the right course of action after being charged with a drug crime in Tennessee?

The truth is that drug laws are often stringent, but as with any other charges, the legal system has to take its course right from the investigation to the final trial. This essentially means there are lots of stages which a John Barnes criminal defense attorney can use as a stepping stone when defending you. What this means, that once you are charged with any drug-related offense no matter how severe it might look, the services of a well-seasoned criminal lawyer can never be overlooked.

A criminal lawyer will use the different strategies that are acceptable in law to argue out the facts of the case and make what would be a complicated case simpler. This could include motions to suppress evidence and well thought-out negotiations among other strategies which are dependent on thorough investigations. As an offender, the high professionalism and understanding of the legal system that a seasoned attorney makes all the difference for any charges.