Engaging your Online Community Fully

Online marketers are still grappling with changes that render their campaigns ineffective. Just when you think you had something figured out, a change in algorithm makes you realize that you are only getting started and have a long way to go. Well, maybe you are looking at it the wrong way. What if you simply worked on keeping your audience engaged instead?

Okay, so how do you increase engagement on your social pages?

  • Know your Audience

The first and most important rule is knowing your audience. This way, you will understand how to talk to them. Do they enjoy an informal banter or are they the serious kind? Knowing how to address your audience allows you to create content that they will enjoy and that they will respond to frequently. Younger audiences like dramatic posts that are linked to current issues. The more you push the boundaries, the more responsive they’ll be.

  • Create Valuable Content

The most important part of content marketing is the actual content. There is this blogger that always weaves in his message seamlessly into content, making it palatable even when it wouldn’t normally be. You’d be surprised at how an issue such as how to hire work related injury lawyers could start a steamy engagement in your page. Naturally, you want to offer solutions too to get people excited about reading the stuff on your page.

  • Post Consistently

Nothing drives an audience away like an inconsistent user. You want to keep them engaged with valuable content ion a regular basis and one of the best ways is choosing a time to post your content every day, schedulers work best here as you could schedule content for days to go off at the same time every day.

  • Be Tactful

Truth be told, some community members will push too hard. They will say things that will make you cringe and even get you really angry, but as a leader you are called upon to be tactful when dealing with them. The key is not to stoop to their level, but instead, respond – if you have to – in a way that leaves them feeling ashamed of participating disrespectfully.

While here, you also want to respond to your community frequently. Answer their questions, and generally engage them as no one likes to feel unappreciated.

  • Notice Frequent Contributors

When starting out, everyone is a newbie and they deserve lots of nurturing to get them interested in frequent interaction. First, always appreciated new subs and welcome them on board formally each time. Over time, you will notice frequent contributors who will mostly not shy from correcting you when your content falls off the wagon. Listen to them and heed their advice. Also, most brands are in the habit of bringing their most frequent contributors for a meet-and-great treat. This goes a long way in making them your collaborators. They will develop a relationship with your brand and expose it to their audiences.

Social media users are quite responsive. You could have an entire army out there waiting for your posts so they can start a conversation on your brand. Do not be afraid to add a little drama.