In the lascivious world of skins and flesh, people have undergone many procedures to look alluring and stick up to the societies demand to look a certain way. In the era of skinny jeans and crop tops, body shamming became a serious issue with these rising fad-cultures. Gradually people have succumbed to the constraints from the society and have indulged in many drugs and surgeries. One of these drugs that are raging in the so called pharmaceutical markets is the Phentermine. About 29.6% of people living in UK often suffer from obesity. The teens have been affected more these days. People’s natural inclination to lose the excess fat by taking drugs and not having to do any exercise is the prime reason for the demand for such drugs. Phentermine may have been marketing well in the other parts of the world but soon hit the bottom in the European market as it was rejected by the European Medicines Agency in 2000.

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Overweight people in UK, may likely to have a weaker heart and are prone to heart related diseases. Though primarily Phentermine have marketed the UK drug’s market under the name of Duromine and Ionamin, but the effects from these drugs have proven to be deadly. In many cases these drugs have been the prime cause to the leakages found in the heart valves. Not only that, Phentermine have caused several break downs of the nervous systems and affected the menstruation cycle for many women, who have been indulging in these drugs for several years. After a thorough swipe through the UK’s drugs market, the slimming drug has been rejected by the European Medicines Agency.

It was a firm decision made by the agency to protect the health of the people. The drug initially works as an energy booster, and then restricts an individual’s appetite. The amphetamine in the drugs causes the weight loss and controls the nervous system, by suppressing the craving for calories and other foods. This was created as a short-term therapy to help people forget about food for a while. Gradually people become addicted to these drugs which in turn affect their nervous system and the heart in the long-run. Though the drug have been prescribed to many overweight people who are at risk due to diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, etc and the additional weight would affect their health tremendously.

According to many medical agencies, people have reported dryness in mouth, mild headache, diarrhea and itching as well as few serious conditions was also reported, like chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, fast heartbeats and high blood pressure. So, the government agencies ruled out the banning of such drugs, though UK has two more slimming drugs in the market which are not as harmful. In the long run Phentermine have caused many psychological problems for people, as it sits hard on the nervous system and cause it to suppress the necessary hunger and thus addicting more people to use it. Many psychiatrists have mentioned treating people with the addiction for the drugs and succumbing to the fear of not using it. As of now no such decisions to bring back the drugs in the UK market have been viewed. It has been wiped away for good.