Factors to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

If you are in procedure to buy and set up your domain name at domain name service online, there are a few of the most significant aspects you should to think about:

  • Whoever said it was not good short lied. The shorter the better!
  • An attractive word or phrase helps make it easier to remember. I do not want people to remember your name and come back again and again, right?
  • Avoid selecting difficult confusing names that you have to explain as you type i.e. Internet-Dotcom.com
  • Use hyphens – keyword or words in a separate name helps the search engines to catch every word. Google said that your bot recognize – as word separator. Examples: iPhoneForSale.com would count as a great word, while iPhone-For-Sale.com would be seen as three distinct words, which is what you want. Some people argue that with more than one or two hyphens in one domain name are many. I think two is the most I would use.
  • It should be easy to remember. houses.com = big – Las-Vegas-Houses-For-Sale-Cheap.com = not so much (but this would still make a good long tail keyword domain name)
  • It should be easy for the average person to point out that if they do not also consider buying common misspellings as well and redirect them to the same website.
  • Key domain names require less work for SEO to rank well for major keywords.
  • If you think of selling the domain name it is best to buy complete as they are the most desirable in the reseller markets of domain names.

Consider names of other generic top level domains

There are many more and more TLD choices and it is often easier to get what you want if you are not willing to have a .com. For the domain names of keywords it does not matter a little bit if it’s a .com or .biz .All TLDs will rank equally well on search engines since SEO works properly. Some TLDs have restrictions on who can register them such as.edu for universities and .gov for government officials. Furthermore, check out our domain name service – Reg-names.