Forensic, a mind blowing Telugu movie on Aha. A Must Watch Scientific Film


Some Telugu movies come and go, at least we don’t remember those names.  But, some Telugu movies will remain a lifetime in our hearts, because of its treatment, storyline and cast and crew.  Even though no matter the budget and star cast, some movies remain lifetime in our hearts with genuine and fresh content.  In that sense, Forensic is the one among mind blowing Telugu movies, which placed among movies on aha.  Aha movies is an OTT with exclusive Telugu movies.

While we are going to select Telugu movies watch online, there are many options on OTT platforms.  In this situation, we here specify a movie Forensic, which is now trending prime position among movies on Aha.  It is trending in frontline of the search terms of ‘Telugu movies watch online’.  Most of the movies on Aha are lovable to the typical audience, who wants to get entertainment on demand at any time.  Let’s check the details about Forensic before going to watch on Aha.


Rhita Javier IPS (Mamata Mohandas) handed over the responsibility by her superior officers to catch the serial killers, who kidnapped and murdered small children and girls.  Samuel John (Tovino Thomas) joins her team as Medico Legal Adviser.  In fact, Rhitika is not someone who is the brother’s wife to Samuel.

But Rhitika is living separately from her husband.  It has a flashback.  That is why Rhitika accepted that the authorities have appointed her as an advisor, even though Samuel is not good.  But she easily dismisses the findings of forensic by Samuel.

Samuel’s research reveals a shocking truth.  What is it? Who is the person committing a series of murders?  What kind of twists does the story finally take?  These are the things that are revealed in the pre-climax and climax.

Artistes’ Performances:

Tovino Thomas as Samuel John and Mamata Mohandas as Rhita Javier completed and brought out the best in themselves.  It was a good experience to see Mamata acting as a Rhitika character, who shows impatience by easily removing the elements that Samuel finds.  Tovino Thomas is very impressed with the role of Samuel, who is patient and does his duty, no matter how impatient she is.  Size Kurup played the role of Rhitika’s husband.


‘Forensic’ movie is a superb example of the level of vision of today’s directors and new directors.  We can’t believe the new directors made this movie.  The movie runs with such an armored screenplay.  Even those who think that we can see a little bit of our flexibility in OTT can imagine how gripping the directors would have taken ‘Forensic’ if the film had not been immersed in it for a quarter of an hour and the last shot.

The film depicts what a forensic lab looks like, how it can be turned into a clue to a crime by examining the smallest object available in a research lab, and how the mystery behind it can be solved, no matter how armed the crime may be.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Tovino Thomas, Mamata Mohan Dass, Reba Monica John, Giju John, PratapPothan, etc.

Story, Screenplay & Direction: AkhilPoul, AnasKHan

Cinematography:Akhil George

Music: James Bijoy,

Production:NavisJaviour, SijuMathue

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‘Forensic’ is a movie that impresses the audience who loves thrillers.  Unraveling the mystery behind a crime and seeing how the forensic test can help is a new experience, a new experience.