How to Control and Preventy Fly Infestations

Gnats, fruit flies and other flying insects are very aggravating pests. After they have invaded a dwelling, it can be an exceptionally difficult task to eliminate them from the premises. Even though insects of this type may at first appear harmless, they can transport a variety of germs and bacteria into a home, which can ultimately harm those who live on the property. For this reason, many people seek professional exterminating services, such as those offered by Pointe Pest Control company.


Even though numerous species exist, the most common flying insects that invade homes are houseflies, fruit flies and black flies. Nevertheless, regardless of the kind of invasion with which a homeowner must contend, his or her primary goal is obviously to attract and kill as many of these winged insects as possible. Below are some ways to remedy mild infestations; however, large fly invasions or other serious pest problems should be placed in the hands of a professional.

Old Fashioned Fly Tape

Although it is one of the oldest remedies in existence for fly control, flypaper curls are a highly effective remedy if one’s problem is any type of flying insect, particularly blackflies. This kind of tape is made from thick paper coated with a sticky, sweet, and ultimately poisonous substance. After attracting the insects, they feast on the poison, find themselves unable to move and quickly die. Perhaps not the most pleasant remedy, it is certainly a highly effective and simple option.

Flying Insect Spray

Spray formulas were designed to kill flying insects on contact. They are available in a variety of scents and strengths, and their residual effect typically lasts for up to a month. Products of this type usually kill the eggs and larvae of flying insects as well.

Poison Granules

For dwellings where no children or pets reside, fly poison is a remedy some homeowners may wish to consider. The majority of formulas in this category are granular mixtures and are sold in clearly marked canisters. They contain a variety of active ingredients developed to attract flying insects and kill them in approximately two or three minutes. This type of flying insect bait can be placed in special dispensers or scattered around problem areas. However, products of this kind must be used according to the manufacturer’s exact instructions.

Safety Considerations

Because most pesticides are potentially hazardous to humans, it is always wise to exercise caution when transporting and using such products. Anyone who has questions about a formula he or she has purchased should contact the customer service representative at the company by using the toll-free number on the package before using the product.

Additionally, it is also essential to realize that if a serious infestation has occurred, homemade remedies and traditional sprays are not strong enough to prevent such insects from multiplying. If this is the case, rather than allowing the problem to reach an overwhelming level, consumers should get in touch with a reputable pest control company to rid themselves of these troublesome insects.