Importance Of Online Survey In Singapore

Perhaps, everyone has answered a pen-and-paper survey at least once in their life. You can find them on the store counter asking if you like their service. Or after a seminar asking for feedback about the event, place, and how the event was organised. Most of them are pen-and-paper surveys, but in this digital era, an online survey is a trend in Singapore.

Here are the reasons why the online survey is important and beneficial today:


With fast internet comes faster survey results. Imagine if you are given the task to survey 1,000 individuals across Singapore within two days; do you think a pen-and-paper survey can meet the deadline?

Depending on how many people will distribute the survey sheets, it could take more than two days. But with an online survey, everything is faster. You don’t have to assign people to distribute sheets across Singapore. It all takes one click of the survey link to disseminate the electronic survey sheet not only in Singapore but across the world.

Moreover, respondents can submit their answers anytime, whether noon or midnight, as long as they have an internet connection and a computer or smartphone. No wonder this method is popular for market research in Asia.


As mentioned, researchers don’t have to be out in the sun to distribute it to the respondents. They don’t have to print the sheets and tabulate the answers one by one.

On the other hand, respondents don’t have to stop their activities to answer the survey. Instead, they can do it in their free time, such as waiting for the bus, in bed before bedtime, and on lunch breaks.


There are lots of expenses with pen-and-paper research. To begin with, you need ink and reams of paper to print the sheets. Furthermore, the survey period could last several days. It means you need to pay for people to distribute and collect the sheets for multiple days.

Although some online surveys pay respondents to gain insight into Singapore, it is still not as expensive as a pen-and-paper survey.

Moreover, an online survey is not time-consuming, and we know that time is priceless, especially in market research in Asia.


One of the advantages of online surveys is they are automated. You don’t have to wait for all of the sheets to tabulate the results manually.

Once results return, online survey software analyses the data based on the generated results in real time. Moreover, the results are not prone to human error and are most of the time accurate.


Most pen-and-paper sheets are in a formal format. It becomes too intimidating for many and unattractive. Hence, they refuse to answer or get bored while answering.

One of the advantages of an online survey in Singapore is it can be stylised. You can use different fonts and coloured backgrounds and include pictures, GIFs, and audio files. It is attractive and entertaining to respondents.

If you are a business conducting market research in Asia, an online survey is a way to go.

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