All the innovations that have been created in the technology field target the reduction of working hours, removal of unnecessary repetition of a task and also improving efficiency at workplaces. Basing on the statistics that have been done on companies that embraced technology, the target has been realized since most of them are earning more profits compared to the days they had not incorporated technology in running their activities. The innovations have also improved the ways of storing all the company’s data and efficiency and accuracy have also been witnessed.

Nevertheless, the concepts that were used to create various tools that have brought a lot of changes in almost all sectors have also been used to develop other tools that are handy in the digital world. These tools include application security scanners which have many advantages. The web application scanners have a lot of advantages because they are used to detect any potential threats to the application. It is advisable for anyone using any of the innovations to use security scanners in order to make sure that they do not lose important information to the hackers. In the current digital world, web app scanning is very important because they are very vulnerabilities that may affect the security of your information stored on the web.

Common Security Vulnerabilities

Although there are a lot of web security vulnerabilities, there are some vulnerabilities that have been identified to be common. These security vulnerabilities are what makes very important to use web application security scanners. The common security vulnerabilities include:

Cross Site Scripting 

The cross-site scripting (XSS) poses a threat to the security of the application through injecting code, commonly the script on the client’s side, into the application’s output. The idea used by cross-site scripting is to influence the script on the client’s side of an application to operate in a way that the person attacking wants. XSS give an opportunity to an attacker to hijack sessions and also give other instructions to the user’s application other sites.

Broken Authentication and Session Management

Broken authentication and session management should always be protected.If they are not protected at all times someone can hack while the user is in progress with a session hence taking control over the entire session. This normally happens in cases where the hacker wants to hijack a client’s session in order to access some information on the site being used at the moment.

Insecure Direct Object References

An insecure direct object reference is the situation where an application in the web puts out references to an implementation object within the application. Some of the implementation objects that are found in the application are directories, keys and records databases and also files. A hacker can gain access to personal information when an application puts out reference to any of the implementation objects.

Security Misconfiguration

Security misconfiguration has a lot of types of vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are majorly related to failure to do frequent maintenance or not being attentive. Pay attention and keep up on the maintenance needed.