Scrubbers, the best way to clean your floor

People were worried earlier with the matter of cleaning the floor. Particularly, it was a mammoth task to clean the floor after some parties or celebration. For years together, it remained a matter of great concern. The scenario has now changed. Scrubber has taken worries and now you can clean your floors, no matter of which materials they are made of. The only thing you confirm is that you have the best floor scrubber with you.

Buying Consideration

Today to select a scrubber is not at all a difficult task. The only thing you must be careful that each machine offers some unique service. You must check that the device is matched to your floor type and size.

Common Mistakes

Some accessories are really useful, but most of them are not related to cleaning so do not be excited about accessories. If you are selecting a battery-driven scrubber, make sure you understood how to charge without any difficulty.

3 Best Scrubbers in the Market

We will now see three best scrubbers that are available in the market:

  1. Viper AS430C Electric Scrubber: It is designed with some remarkable features and strongly built. You can easily maintain the sparkling effect of your floors with this scrubber.


  • It can be easily operated with fingertip controls.
  • Compact designing enables you to maneuver the device to reach all the corners of the room.
  • It has a 65-inch long chord.


  • When asking for the best do not see the price it is a bit
  1. Hoover Hardwood Floor Mate Scrub: The spin scrub brushes give excellent cleaning with the technology of dual tank. This provides a gentle cleaning and is best the floors of hardwood, tiles, and vinyl.


  • Clean and dirty water remain well separated with dual tank mechanism.
  • Easy storage is possible for the folding handles.
  • Brushes can be easily removed and cleaned.


  • Tile grouts will not get cleaned.
  • Frequent replacement of motor can be a vital issue.
  1. Karcher Floor Scrubber Drier/Polisher BR30/4: It has been designed to clean the floor of small size and medium. With a 1450 RPM brush rotator, it gives proper cleaning to your floors. The floors look bright and get a dry shine just after the cleaning.


  • It can be easily operated and very comfortably carried.
  • The striking feature of this stylish cleaner is it admirably lasts long


  • Asking for the quality you need to pay more.

There is no shred of doubt that you have learned to select the best cleaner.