Secure a Security Guard

Event security guards are hard to find these days, and I’m not talking about that mall security guard following you around everywhere, either. In the age of house events, neighborhood get-togethers, and bachelor/ette parties there is a strong need for security guards. Everywhere we go, there is a risk of danger, particularly when drugs and alcohol are involved.

The desire for event security guards is endless, but along with big parties and events comes the possibility of even bigger consequences. At a gathering with a handful of people consuming alcohol, it’s often not long before someone gets threatened, hurt, or harassed. Call it a simple flaw of humanity but, whatever the reason, it has caused many parties and events to be shut down.

In the event of something like a bachelorette party, people attending could be wild or free-spirited and potentially surrounded by strippers, alcohol, or party drugs. Man or woman, our judgment becomes impaired after a few drinks and mistakes can be made that can lead to tragedies. Event Security Guards can prevent this, or at the very least, act as the voice of reason or clear judgment to find someone to help when a dangerous situation arises. Additionally, the simple presence of a security guard can deter those who may cause harm from taking action.

That is not the only use of a security guard. Much larger events like galas or art shows require security guards as well. Valuable items are being displayed or sold and, while many people attend these events with good intention, there are also those without good intentions. It’s well worth dishing out a couple hundred bucks for some security because the consequences of not doing so can result in a loss of much more money and in some cases can even harm those attending the event due to unsavory people.

Prices for event security guards vary based on the type of event and the company hired. Always secure the legitimacy of a security guard hired by any unknown companies as this can sometimes result in poor service or fraud. There are plenty of well-known companies that offer security services for a reasonable fee, we recommend that everyone goes through extensive research before hiring a security guard.

Remember that the purpose of hiring security is to keep your event/party safe and stress-free. “A little party never hurt nobody,” they say, but that’s not entirely true when safety precautions aren’t taken correctly. Always be responsible and remember that it is much easier to pay to feel safe and secure than it is to spend your night fixing a mess caused by others and staying in a constant state of worry. Enjoy yourself, think before you plan, and always stay safe.