Signs To Get A Tooth Extraction

Pain and discomfort in your teeth and gums is not a delightful experience. Although there are certain ways you can treat your dental issues. However, if nothing works, a Houston Texas dentist recommends a tooth extraction process. The fear and anxiety around the tooth extraction procedure are real! However, living with a toothache is not a great experience as it can cause a lot of trauma. Before undergoing the procedure, there are certain signs that you must look for. This article highlights some common signs of tooth extraction. Here we go! 

Signs to get a tooth extraction 

1. Extreme tooth pain 

If you experience extreme tooth pain, you may have to undergo a tooth extraction process. Certain situations within the tooth extraction process become a necessity including: 

  • If you experience pain even after a root canal or filling  
  • The tooth is badly damaged and becoming infected 

2. Crowding 

At times, there is not enough space in your mouth for every tooth. As a result, your mouth starts to look overcrowded and displaced. In such a situation, you may develop certain dental problems like: 

  • Gum diseases 
  • Tooth decay 
  • Pain and discomfort 
  • Difficulty in speaking and chewing 

In such a situation, a dentist recommends removing these extra teeth so that other teeth have enough space to flourish. 

3. Gum diseases 

Not following a healthy dental routine causes gum diseases. These impact your teeth as well as your gums. Your teeth may eventually start to rot due to bacteria eating away at the supporting bones, which may make eating and other activities challenging. Additionally, the bacterial infection can move from one tooth to another.

Your dentist might advise tooth extraction if:

  • The tooth has an infection and an abscess.
  • The tooth is not supported and is loose.
  • Soft tissue, other teeth, and bone are becoming infected with the infection.

4. Impacted wisdom teeth 

Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted as they erupt from nowhere, causing extreme pain and crowding your mouth. In case the wisdom teeth are not erupting properly and impact your jawbones, teeth removal is recommended. 

5. Severe tooth decay 

Dentists go for a tooth extraction process if your tooth is severely damaged. If left untreated, bacteria within the mouth travel through your bloodstream causing infection. This impacts your oral health along with your overall health. In such a situation, you must choose tooth extraction. 

Wrapping Up 

Tooth extraction is important to protect your other teeth from infection. If you are seeing these top signs, you must undergo a tooth extraction surgery.