Tips to Choose the Best Glove

Choosing the right set of golf accessories is crucial for giving golfers the confidence they require during the game. Among the various golf accessories, the most important one that a golfer should pay special attention to is the golf gloves. A perfectly fitted golf glove can help a golfer get a better grip on the club while hitting a shot. Therefore, one should pay extra attention while purchasing a pair of gloves. Here are some expert tips and insights to help beginners find the best glove.

Importance of gloves in a golf game

While golf apparel, shoes, and clubs draw much more attention than golf gloves, none of this equipment will matter if the golfer does not have a proper grip or develops blisters while practicing. A perfectly fitted, good-quality pair of gloves will help to maintain a proper grip throughout the game and prevent any blister formation during continuous practice or gaming sessions.

Unlike other golf accessories, which might cost thousands of dollars, a good pair of branded golf gloves won’t cost more than $20. One can easily get a variety of glove options within a minimum budget.  

Five tips to help golfers choose the best gloves

Follow these tips below to find the best pair of gloves with ease:

Pay attention to the fabric

Sports gloves mostly come in two types of fabric- synthetic and leather. While leather is more expensive, it tends to last longer. Synthetic gloves, on the other hand, might not last as long but offer better grip in different weather conditions. This is the very reason why most experienced golfers carry both varieties to meet their different requirements.

Select the perfect fit

The fitting of the gloves is a crucial factor. These gloves are available in a wide variety of sizes. While purchasing a glove, one should check the exact size of the gloves mentioned in the description. The amount of fabric left at the tips of the fingers needs to be minimal. If the amount of fabric left at the tips of the finger is too much, it’s surely not the right fit.

Wear it on to check the fit

One of the biggest advantages of buying sports accessories from an offline store is one gets the privilege to wear them and check the fit. A golfer should know the right way to put on the gloves. First, one needs to put the fingers inside the glove and put the thumb last. The next one needs to smooth the front and back by tagging the top. Finally, close the straps to let the gloves fit perfectly on the hand.

Select a budget

The price of these gloves starts from $6 and can get up to $25. One needs to set a budget and find out the best options available under that budget.


Hence, it can be concluded that investing in a good pair of golf gloves can improve game performance to a great extent. Also, a combination of good quality golf equipment, intensive training, and a well-maintained golf course can help to improve the overall performance of a golfer.