Top three RPG games for Android and iOS

After reading this top from Manamonster you will learn the top 3 games of the RPG genre that you can download to your device running both Android OS and iOS.

  1. The Bard’s Tale

Surely you have already heard about this game. This is not surprising, because this is the port of the famous game for PC with the adapted for touchscreen control. This game was made in the form of a bard narrative. This bard is not simple: first, he has a magical lute with which he can summon magical allies or help himself. Secondly, the protagonist himself appears as a joker with a good sense of humor. And in general, he is quite selfish and cheerful, which also does not make us bored during the game process.

  1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The game unfolds about four thousand years before the events of the first part of the film. We wake up on a spaceship that is attacked by the Siths. After that one of the pilots asks us to help him break through the hordes of enemies and to find the important person who was on our ship. It is a beginning of the story, which, most likely, will be interesting for you from the beginning to the end. There are three reasons for playing this game: if you are a Star Wars fan, if you played it in childhood and want to nostalgize or if you look for an excellent RPG on your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Vainglory

Another replacement for full-fledged PC games, but now in the MOBAgenre. The game is good in everything. Graphics, music and gameplay – everything is on top. At the same time, the developers did not forget about the target platform: the map is rather small, so as not to spend a lot of time moving it, and there is onlyone line with the towers. There is also a forest where there are three mines (the capture of which will help one of the teams). Fights go on an average of 20-30 minutes. The game, in general, is similar to other MOBA games, but it is not deprived of its originality. Developers, by the way, constantly add new characters and new opportunities to the game.