What mistakes should you avoid in an Internship?

An Internship is a very important part of our careers. This is where students get to learn a lot and are exposed to the real corporate world and various other facets. If you are really a person who checks PGP Australia reviews to learn and leave your mark, then you need to avoid the following mistakes –

Casual attitude – At times students tend to take an internship lightly which ends up in a poor performance. They fail to realize that an internship is also a real job and a chance to experience and open our minds to the corporate world. If you continue to have a casual attitude you will end up making a bad impression with your seniors. Hence, through your internship period you need to act professional, not simply be casual and take professional help whenever required.

Create contacts – A very important part of an internship is to make contacts and network. However, if you do not take your Internship seriously you probably would not take any effort in building good professional contacts either. This is one of the biggest mistakes you could be committing. When you have professional contacts it is easier to find a job which fits your interests and is apt for your career.

Supervisor feedback – Getting feedback is probably one of the ways in which one can improve on every aspect of our lives. Similarly, in an Internship, if you get feedback from your supervisor/superiors it helps you in becoming a better worker. It lets you know what weaknesses and strengths you have. You can know about your key skills, natural talents, strong areas as well as professional tendencies. All this help you in your career. Hence it is extremely important that you know your progress by getting proper feedback from your superiors.

Enthusiasm to learn – The very idea of taking up an Internship is to learn and find out the workings of the corporate world. You need to grab every possible opportunity that can teach you something. Hence, you need to make your internship interesting and not just run of the mill. Only then will you gain knowledge.

Stays in touch – Most students tend to lose touch with the particular organization, after their internship is over. If you have liked your time in the company, then you need to stay in touch. Then maybe you can be a part of the company sometime in the future. But this can happen only if you continue to show your interest and stay in their good books. The company also would be happy to have you since you are already familiar with their working.

Not being inquisitive – As a student, you probably only have theoretical knowledge. The corporate and practical world can be very different. So it is up to you to ask questions, show your interest and take this as an opportunity to learn and enhance your knowledge. Your supervisor would expect this of you. Hence, you should ask your supervisor about your career outlook, the job and anything else that you feel can help you.

We hope that you avoid the above mistakes and take up an internship in the right spirit and succeed in your career.