What to Consider When Selecting Seats for Your Boat

There are a lot of different components and features that make for a great boat and seating is certainly one of them.

Not only do you want to make sure that your boat looks great but you want your passengers to be comfortable too.

If you’re in the process of upgrading the seats on your boat, it’s important not to make a decision too quickly. There are a large variety of styles and designs to consider but there are also certain factors that make some seats better than others.

Purchasing boat seats is not a decision that should be rushed, especially since they need to last you for a while.

Things to consider when choosing boat seats

Here are 3 things that every boat owner should consider before deciding on new seats.


First things first, think about how you want your boat seats to function. For example, are you all about relaxation and comfort or are you looking for the perfect seat that you can use for fishing?

This simple factor can make choosing seating that much easier because you’ll know which features matter the most. Seats with plush padding are great for fishing but a swivel base is just as important as it will allow for ease of movement. Consider what you use your boat for the most before you decide on seating.  

Seating material

The materials that were used to design and manufacture the seats should also play a role in your decision. Yes, all quality marine seats manufactured by UES Int are designed to be waterproof, but certain materials are better suited to freshwater than they are to saltwater.

If you have a saltwater boat, it’s probably better to select seating that has an aluminium frame or a frame that was made with a hot-dip galvanised metal. These materials tend to fare better in water with a high salt content and won’t sustain as much damage, which means you won’t need to replace your seats too soon in the future.

Shock-absorbing quality

This is another important factor to consider when deciding on new seats for your boat. Once again, the water that you will be operating in will be a major factor here. Basically, the rougher the water is, the more shock absorbency you want from a seat. When your seating has a low shock-absorbing quality, rough waters will be extremely uncomfortable. If you won’t be heading out to the middle of the ocean, shock absorption won’t be as important. You will find that most seats have a shock-absorbency rating that you can review when selecting seats.

As a boat owner, you probably spent a lot of time choosing the perfect boat, which is why it’s important to take this same approach with every other purchase that’s associated with your boat.

Take your time when selecting seats for your boat and if you’re ever unsure about the right options for you, turn to a professional for assistance before making a decision.