What You Should Do After You’ve Had an Injury

Do you know what you should do right after you become injured? There are specific steps to take that are the most important and will help in terms of lost wages, medical bills, and more.

Visit a Doctor

The first thing to do is look after your health. Someone should bring you to a hospital or doctor, or you might get there on your own. This way, you’ll know what kind of injury you’re dealing with and this will be on record if you’d like to file a personal injury claim.

After this, remember that there’s not necessarily a right order for these steps. Just make sure if you do plan to file a claim, that you do so within the allotted time period as in many instances, you have to do so within a certain number of days or months.

Collect Evidence

Put together any evidence at all that you have that points to who caused your accident that relates to your personal injury. This evidence should include photographs, witness testimony, and an accident report from your employer if it was at work or during work-related duties.

Locate Contact Information

If you know there were witnesses or there’s been a police report, take down any names and phone numbers of people along the way who can help with your case. It might be a good idea to contact them to be sure you have gotten their information correct. Copying it down at the scene of the accident can lead to errors sometimes.

Write Everything

Write down what happens after you have your accident. This can include hospital or clinic visits, medical bills, lost work, and wages, etc. If you speak to people who were directly involved in the accident, take notes regarding your conversations.

Notify Parties of Your Intent

Let any parties who you plan to file suit against know that you’re about to do so. You should tell them this in a simple and straightforward manner. You likely won’t have any information at this point as to specifics, so you should avoid giving any even if it’s what you think may happen.

Personal Injury Law Is About Being Prepared

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