Zombie Reddy is like a Hollywood movie

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When seriousness, sickness, and negativity have become routine drama for the world, it’s time to switch our mindset towards some positivity and laughter by watching some fiction drama. Zombie Reddy is one such must-watch Telugu drama film at Aha OTT to fill your space with a laugh and a smile.


Zombie Reddy is a horror-comedy film starring TejaSajja. Is the male lead portraying the character of Mario, who is a game developer and his new game is about to crash due to a virus? Along with his lynch mob Maggi (Daksha Nagarkar) herself, an ardent gamer goes to Kurnool to

help code from his friend (RJ Hemanth). His friend is getting married, and that’s when Nandini Reddy (Anandhi) also marks her presence to attend the festivities. When the story unfolds, you will find that the disparate squad battling with the zombies in real instead of playing this game on their mobile phones and now they are eager to find a way to get out of this and stop

the virus from spreading before the match crashed completely.

Prasanth Varma has given his best to make it a fun watch. The various slow motion in the film has given the audience the chance to whistle. The makeup department has drawn the fine line with the horrific zombie’s looks. Mark K Robin’s music and Anith’s cinematography have added the required spark to the thriller. Undoubtedly Zombie Reddy is a technically power-packed movie.This movie is a perfect example of teamwork as all the cast, including Teja, Anandhi, and Daksha, have done justice to their roles and cumulatively made the film a must-watch. The hilarious comedy in the movie will keep you glued to your screens and horror to your seats. It’s a fun and mood uplifting movie to watch. So enjoyzombie reddy movie onlineon Aha.

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