How To Choose Corporate Gifts For Your Most Valued Clients

The choice of a gift is of paramount importance in any gift giving, and in case of corporate gift giving, this choice assumes, even more, important, and hence requires some additional considerations.

What To Gift?

The obvious thing to start off with is to consider from which product category you would like to choose your gift. While deciding upon a category, it should be kept in mind what kind of a message you wish to convey, or what kind of an impression you would like the recipient to have on receiving the gift. In the case where the gift recipient is known to the gift giver, it may be useful to consider the recipient’s hobbies, interests, cultural differences, likes and dislikes before finalizing a gift. Here are some popular product categories that could give you some corporate gift ideas.

  • Gadgets

This may include any electronic devices or gadgets like speakers, or any item that seems appropriate to be given as gifts. FunBiz is a corporate gifts supplier in Singapore that offers gadgets for corporate gifting. Visit their website today!

  • Edible Items

A lot of food items such as chocolates are available in fascinating and creative gift packages and are quite commonly used these days.

  • Tickets

This category may include tickets to a variety of events, such as tickets for a trip, sports matches, music concerts, festivals and much more.

  • Professional Gifts

Professional gifts can include office related objects such as notebooks, diaries, pens, folders, and other stationary items.

  • Symbolic Gifts

Gifts that are symbolic such as frames, quotes, posters or maybe even keychains can be appropriate for certain occasions.

Considering The Price

The importance of an appropriate price range is also immense in corporate gift giving. The three main reasons why pondering over the price range is important are listed here.

  •    It helps you fit the whole gift-giving budget into your financial scheme of things.
  •    It also ensures that the gift is neither too lavish nor too insignificant to the recipient.
  •    The price range of the gift must be by the policies of the company.

Now The Buying Process

Unlike earlier times, buying gifts through online gift portals such as Source SG has become the preferred choice for a lot of businesses these days. The advantage of online gift portals is that you can not only find nearly all kinds of gifts at the same place but also that the whole process is hassle free and gifts can even be delivered directly to the recipient.

Moreover, the search for gifts becomes very organized when there are options to apply multiple filters to the search, such as filter by price, by product category, by product characteristics and so on. Products can also be sorted, wherein the most relevant results are shown at the top and the less relevant ones later on, for example, sort by price, sort by popularity, etc.

It is these simple complexities of corporate gift giving that makes it art. A simple matter of giving enough thought to the situation and adding a personal touch can work wonders in making any corporate gift giving activity achieve its aim.