Although death or anything related to your own death is considered taboo by many, something you talk about openly on an ordinary day, many are now very open to planning their own Singapore funeral. There are many advantages to pre-planning a funeral. For one, it lifts the burden of a grieving family member planning a memorial service for their loved one.

But arranging your Christian or Buddhist funeral services in Singapore is not as easy as they look. Here are the crucial things you should do when planning your funeral service:

1. Make your document accessible.

Ensure that all your important documents are in an accessible place. These documents include the last will, power of attorney for health care, and paperwork needed for your Singapore funeral services.

Never keep them in a safe or vault where only you know the code. Otherwise, these documents will be inaccessible once you die.

2. Consider Funeral Services Package In Singapore.

Funeral and memorial services can be expensive, and mostly, the bereft shoulder these expenses. But there is a way to lift the burden of the expense from your family— a pre-planned funeral services package in Singapore.

While alive, you buy your funeral service package at an affordable price. Besides the fact that funeral service costs increase, these offerings have flexible payment terms. You can pay for these packages for one or two years.

3. Funeral wishes

Funeral wishes are simply the things you want to happen at your funeral. Do you want to be cremated or buried? Perhaps you want to donate your body to science.

Do you want your memorial attendees to wear glittering clothes or stick to the classic white or black? Do you want a theme for your funeral? You can state this in a letter or discuss it with your loved ones and the funeral parlour in Singapore.

4. Obituary

Besides a notice of death, an obituary can be a short biography of yourself. You can write your brief biography and get it published in a newspaper.

Never forget these things when you plan your funeral.

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