You might need a tow truck for all kinds of reasons. Whether you have an engine failure or are involved in a collision, an emergency breakdown services provider can help get you safely back on your way. While you’re waiting for your tow vehicle to arrive, there are things you can do that are useful and help pass the time. Here are four ways to stay safe and allow your pick-up to go smoothly.

Confirm Your Tow

Before you hang up after calling your 24 7 emergency service Gallup NM, remember to ask them for the make and license plate of the tow vehicle. This allows you to check that any tow vehicle that approaches you is there legitimately.

Switch on Your Hazard Lights

Whenever you have an issue with your vehicle that causes you to stop, you should always put on your hazard lights so other drivers can see you more clearly, and to alert them that you’re not moving. Your lights are also a helpful way of allowing the recovery team to spot you.

Get on to the Shoulder

If it’s safe to do so, and if your car can move still, try pushing it to the shoulder — as far from the traffic lanes as you can. The further onto the shoulder you can get, the better you can prevent a collision.

Get Your Things Together

You’ll sit up in the tow truck for your ride home, so don’t leave anything you’ll need in the car. Your vehicle may have to go straight to an auto repair shop, and you don’t want to forget anything in the rush of dropping it off. Make sure you take all essential items and documents.

Waiting for a tow truck is never much fun, but you can make the most of the time to prepare well and stay safe.