3 Little-Known Facts About Bail Bonds

Even if you have never had any legal trouble, you likely know at least a little bit about bail bonds. Here are 3 interesting facts that you may not know about the bail process that could help you in the future.

Bail Bonds Are Essentially Loans

When someone is put in jail and you have a bond company pay the bail, this is basically a loan. When you contact a company regarding bail bonds Allentown PA, you are seeking a short-term loan of the money needed because the agency pays the money owed to the court on your behalf. It is also important to note that just like other loans that carry fees and interest rates, bail bonds also have associated fees.

Bail Is Not a Guarantee

Depending upon the crime committed, it is possible that someone may be ineligible for bail. People who commit crimes such as sexual misconduct, murder, and armed robbery are often not able to qualify for bail. This is also true if the defendant is deemed a flight risk.

There Are Conditions Associated With Bail

Just because you have been bailed out of jail does not mean you are off the hook. You will be required to follow rules and have some restrictions up until your court date and potentially beyond. These restrictions can range from regular drug tests and check-ins with law enforcement to wearing a tracking device. No matter what the conditions are, be sure to comply with them so you do not get into further legal trouble.

Bail is a simple concept to understand overall, but it does have some underlying intricacies that not everyone is aware of and could be detrimental if the defendant is not well-versed. If you require a bail bond at some point, remember these little-known facts and you will have a successful bail experience.