5 Hand Sign Emojis And Their Meaning

Hand signs are something that we use to express our emotions. These hand signs are a legitimate way of communicating with another person. Hand signs also have emoji versions so that you can use them digitally. No one can deny that using hand sign emojis in chatting, texting, or social media posts is a pretty neat and cool thing to do.

We are way past the emoticon era and now entirely in the emoji era. We no longer have to use dull “:-)” smileys to convey a feeling or an expression. There are even emojis for hand signs such as the Vulkan Salute. Who knew that there’d be so many hand sign emojis? Here are some of our favorite hand signs in their emoji form and their meaning.

Victory Hand Emoji

This hand sign emoji may be familiar to you but in a different name. The Victory Hand emoji also goes by its common name, which is the peace sign emoji. To give you an informative idea of why it’s called a Victory sign, the V that your index and middle finger make is essentially a V sign for Victory. However, it can also mean and serve as a symbol of peace.

This hand sign emoji is common among peace-loving people. Why not use the Victory Hand emoji or Peace Sign as an accent to your quotes about peace? This hand sign emoji comes in a default skin tone, but it has five different skin tones to show that peace knows no color or skin tone!

You can also use the Victory Hand emoji or Peace Sign emoji as your get-out-of-jail-free card when you say something offensive. Say something offensive and follow it up with the peace sign emoji so that people know that you are only kidding and do not mean any trouble.

Call Me Hand Emoji

This hand sign emoji goes by the name Call Me Hand emoji. This hand gesture is the sign that most people make to signal a phone call. This hand sign emoji also has a human hand design mimicking a handheld phone with the thumb and pinky extended away from each other. Use this hand sign emoji when you want someone to call you, or if you want to hang loose!

It will be ideal if you avoid using the Hand Sign emoji in a formal or business setting. Using this hand emoji in your format and business exchanges might give the other end a wrong impression about you. You may think that you are personal and friendly, but the receiving end may not. So, it is best to avoid this hand emoji along with those contexts.

It also comes in with a default skin tone of yellow, just like most other hand sign emojis.

Crossed-Fingers Emoji

Besides the pinky promise, what is the other sign or gesture for making promises? This hand gesture is the crossed fingers gesture, and it has an emoji of its own. It shows the same human hand with the index and the middle finger crossed over each other. It also has different meanings, such as hoping for something and wishing for luck.

There are plenty of situations wherein you can use this hand sign emoji. You can use it towards your closest friends as you wish them the best of luck in their endeavors. The message of this hand emoji is pretty straightforward and transparent. It is also impossible to use in another context that is demeaning and negative.

The OK Hand Emoji

The OK hand emoji is one of the most frequently-used emojis today. A lot of people might be saying OK in this manner in their digital conversations. This hand emoji has the graphic of a human hand in which the thumb and index finger touch to make a circle. This gesture is commonly known as “OK” among a lot of cultures. 

However, you can also use the OK hand emoji in a different context. You may find yourself in a situation that is continuously depleting your patience. You can describe the patience that you have left by using the OK hand emoji in your social media posts, texts, and conversations.

The Vulcan Salute Emoji

The Vulcan Salute is a hand gesture, but it is only familiar to a select group of people. Not many may follow the Star Trek saga religiously, but this hand gesture came from Star Trek. Expect this emoji to be a staple for Star Trek fans. It can also be a way to relate to your friends, who are a bit geekier than you. 

Show them love and wish them well, and end the message with a Vulcan Salute! Hand sign emojis, for sure, is a different level of fun to use. 🖖 


Hand gestures and hand signs are a standard way of communicating with other people. The fun and neat thing about these hand signs are that you do not need a long message for the other end to understand you. All you need is to strike a quick peace sign, and they will know that you are all about peace. The same goes for these hand emojis as it applies to everything we said but digitally.