Is there any difference between Corel Painter and Core Paint Shop Pro?

Corel Painter and Corel Paint Shop Pro are very good tools that everyone should use if they need to create digital graphics. There’s a lot of content to be had, and it always comes down to the value that you receive and the overall experience you want to showcase to your viewers. That’s why both Corel Painter and Corel Paint Shop Pro are a great set of tools. A lot of people are wondering what’s the difference between the two, and there are a few things to consider here.


Right from the start, both Corel Painter and Corel Paint Shop Pro have rather identical interfaces. Paint Shop Pro is known for not having the most elegant interface, but it does offer great functionality and customization. So even if the default option is better with Painter, Paint Shop Pro is definitely easy to customize and you can make it your own. Which in these situations does matter quite a bit.

Brush engines

Paint Shop Pro is widely known for having basic textures, patterns, tubes, brushes and palettes. They do offer you the option to buy more advanced stuff if you need it. Again, it always comes down to the type of features that you need and how helpful they really are.

Painter on the other hand is very good for tablets and it does have a lot of brushes pre-loaded. You can also add new things and buy as needed. They are both great at delivering an exceptional set of brush systems, and that alone is very good for any graphician.

Advanced/basic editing

Painter is great here because it does an excellent job at giving you basic features. Paint Shop Pro is however widely used all over the industry, and it offers customers an exceptional number of benefits. The advantage is that you also have a histogram with color controls and other great features. It’s a really good idea to consider both, but PSP is slightly better due to the more advanced features like object detection or cloning.

AI integrations

AI integrations and features have become pretty important these days and both tools do a great job at it. Painter has AI presets and styles, whereas PSP has an AI style transfer function. They also replicate painting techniques and social media filters. It depends on what you need, but both of these tools are great in their own right, and the quality they deliver is second to none, which makes them totally worth the investment.


What you will see right off the bat is that Painter is the more expensive option when compared to Paint Shop Pro. Sure, PSP might have less features, but it also costs less, and it has great AI powered features too. So if you are on a tighter budget, Paint Shop Pro is definitely a good option. Do keep in mind that they offer upgrades in most cases, so you can go from one version to the next. And as we said, in some cases you will also have a multitude of extra features that you can buy separately. But even without those extras, we think that both Corel Painter and Corel Paint Shop Pro are worth the money, provided that you know what you are getting into and what you need the most.


The main purpose of each app is different. Paint Shop Pro for example is a consumer grade photo and paint program. It’s similar to Photoshop in many respects, because it has photo editing, vectors and even real media paint. But it’s a more barebones product when compared to Painter and Corel Draw or Photoshop. However, it does have its uses and a lot of people find it an exceptional tool to use all the time.

Painter on the other hand is a real paint media program. It can help simulate things like watercolor, pencils, charcoal, acrylics, oil painting and so on.  What makes it great is the fact that it comes with a vast range of professional features that everyone will appreciate and enjoy. On top of that, it also helps provide you with customization solutions that will be great in a more professional setting. 


Both Corel Painter and Core Paint Shop Pro are very good apps, they just target different audiences. While Paint Shop Pro is more for the common user, Painter is much better in case you want complex features and you need to deliver a very professional solution. It certainly helps, and it can give you the tools you need to show off your ideas and take them to the next level. We think both Corel Painter and Core Paint Shop Pro are very efficient and dependable, and you should consider giving them a try if possible, as they are totally worth the money, depending on your projects!

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