An interesting fact about Air Jordans- They are always released on Saturdays. Just as movies generally release on Fridays, this weekend reservation whenever Jordan shoes came out was to keep students from skipping school in order to have a look or even purchase the new shoe model. This was the kind of craze that was commanded by the coming together of the most renowned athlete and the world’s leading brand of sports supplies. The Michael Jordan and Nike tie up not only anchored the company’s position as a multinational corporation, but it brought to basketball the potential of a brand name, a privilege that was previously accorded to tennis players only. The new style of the Air Jordan equipped with the Jumpman logo, a silhouette of Michael Jordan dunking, soon came to establish its separate line in 1997. The Air Jordan was still owned by Nike, and the models are available in the Nike Online Store.

The Air Jordan tribute has been truly iconic. Here are 4 points with interesting trivia on Nike’s tribute to the veteran athlete:

  • Adidas Almost Had It

Rumour has it that old school Michael Jordan was actually a fan of Adidas and reportedly called himself an “Adidas Nut.” He had informed his agent David Falk that if there were a deal with Adidas, he would be willing to take it. And indeed there existed a deal, and the Adidas offer stood at $500,000, twice the amount that Nike had to offer after Jordan left the UNC. But, Falk got Nike to do something nobody had managed before- arranging a cut for Jordan, ensuring a percentage of all the revenue generated from the Jordans.

  • Against Race

In the years when Michael Jordan was still playing the field, marketing an African-American athlete was considered difficult. This made Nike work an out-clause into the deal, allowing the company to opt out if 3 million dollars were not made within 3 years of the setup. With a profit of 130 million dollars in one year alone, Nike’s concerns seemed laughable.

  • Against Colour

In the initial days of Michael Jordan, the NBA had a rule regarding the colours of the sports gear to be used, mainly emphasizing that there needed to be white in the scheme. The signature shoes that Jordan wore every single night were red and black. However, it was technically not permitted. The NBA fined him $5000 each time Jordan stepped on to court with them. That did not stop Jordan from wearing his shoes. Nike fitted the bill and took advantage of the Athlete’s maverick ways to promote themselves uniquely. Buy these signature shoes today from the Nike Online Store.

  • The Logo Lawsuit

The Air Jordan became a brand in its right in 1997, owned by Nike but still distinguishable from the Swoosh by its Jumpman Logo, the silhouette of Michael Jordan slam dunking his ball. There was a minor controversy regarding the picture used. A photographer filed a legal suit against Nike in 2015, the citing being the copyright breach over the use of the logo. The charge was that the company had been using the copy of a picture for which they had been granted temporary permission only. The controversy was resolved in June.

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