Choosing a wedding ring is an important decision as it’s a ring that you are likely to wear your entire life. Tungsten wedding rings may be the right choice for a few reasons.


Tungsten rings are more durable than other materials like gold, palladium, silver or platinum and are mostly scratch resistant. Many men like the fact that the rings are scratch resistant and won’t dent. For this reason many people that work with heavy machinery like tungsten rings for their durability. However, just because tungsten is more durable doesn’t mean it won’t break. If enough pressure is applied to the ring it will break. Since tungsten rings will break instead of bend, this is another reason why men that work in areas like construction choose these rings.

A common myth is that these rings won’t be able to be taken off in the event of an emergency, however that is not true and the rings are not in fact indestructible.

Won’t Need Repolishing

Tungsten rings are the only rings that are permanently polished. No matter how long you wear your ring you it will stay looking the same as it did on the first day.

Different Options to Choose From

There are more options for tungsten wedding rings than just a plain gold band. They can be engraved and come in a variety of finishes. The also come in different styles including those that have domed or beveled edges. There are also custom tungsten rings with different inlays. They can come in different diameters so you can decide how thick or thin you want the band to be for your comfort and wearability. There are also many different price points, and even designer rings can be much more affordable than gold or silver.

Doesn’t Affect Allergies

A lot of jewelry can cause allergies but tungsten wedding rings are hypoallergenic so if you are allergic to many other jewelry materials, like nickel, then a tungsten ring may be the right choice for you. There are a lot of cheap tungsten rings out there so make sure you are doing your research so you are getting a true tungsten ring that won’t affect any allergies.  Rings with tungsten carbide that is compounded with cobalt should be avoided since those can cause allergies. Cobalt also reacts with the skin and can stain the ring.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a tungsten ring. The first is that it can’t be resized. Some jewelers will offer a lifetime warranty on the ring for this reason. Go to a jewelry store to learn your ring size before purchasing. Make sure you try on comfort fit rings for an accurate size. Any time there is a plate over the tungsten, like with black tungsten rings, it can be scratched. If the scratch factor is important to you then it’s best to avoid those types.