Anyone who sees movies, TV series and TV shows about crime scenes, and the beautiful acting of a lawyer, may ask, “Is this true in real life?” “After all, what does a criminal lawyer do?”To answer these questions and many other questions – especially if you plan to take a law degree and dream about this profession – continue reading this post and discover that not everything you see in movies is true! And in case of hiring the top most professional for criminal law you can visit the criminal lawyer Melbourne list here.

How to become a criminal lawyer?

Probably most of those who enter the Faculty of Law already thinking about criminalist specialization, like subjects related to investigations. In fact, this is a passionate area! But before choosing this career, you need to know exactly what Criminal Law is, in theory and in practice, right?

First of all, know from now on that you will not always be the hero or the girl of the story, much less be responsible for judging the criminals. Acting as a criminal lawyer often means giving the right to a broad defense, which is constitutionally guaranteed to every citizen.In other words, even if it is proven that someone has committed a crime, he may request a lawyer to defend him. For this, several techniques are studied and used to have an impartial legal system in all cases, which requires that the criminal lawyer has a lot of knowledge.

What subjects does the criminal lawyer dominate?

When starting a Law Degree, you will come across a generalist, and then specialize in what they have more affinity. In this case, to become a criminal lawyer you must have done every year of law school. Keeping this in mind from the outset, make your life a constant study. And it is also worth knowing certain concepts of psychology, to understand what goes through the head of who you will attend, because it will often be necessary to seek the truth indirectly.

Moreover, there is specialization – some last for around 2 and a half years – and can specialize in criminal law and criminal procedure. Next, let’s look at some of the concepts you should master and know how to consult whenever necessary.

What is Criminal Law?

It is the set of laws that have limits between what is legal and what becomes a crime. This part of the Law lists forms of conduct that are determined to be serious and may harm the assets or lives of individuals in a given society.Within Criminal Law, there is the division in Common Criminal Law – applied to every citizen – and Special Criminal Law – that concerns crimes of specific areas, such as electoral or military crimes, for example.

In addition, you will also need to familiarize yourself with various topics such as terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking, racial prejudice, environmental crimes, digital crime, corruption, etc.