5 Reasons To Need a Notary

florida notary renewalHave you ever heard the word “notary” and scratched your head wondering what it was, who needs it or why it is necessary? If you have ever purchased real estate, submitted documentation for immigration, signed a change a business agreement or any other sort of legal proceeding, there is a good chance that you may have needed a notary.

In addition, there are many other reasons why a person might need a notary. For many, recertification needs lead them to search for a Florida notary renewal service as well as countless other types of notary assistance. For a better understanding of when someone would need a notary, consider these five reasons.

  1. Contracts

In a nutshell, a notary is when a certified notary professional witnesses you and all other applicable parties in the signing of legal documents. One of the top reasons that people and businesses end up needing to notarize documents is for the completion of contract signing.

  1. Deeds

Another major reason that people turn to notary services is to sign off on deed transfers and other real estate changes. With name changes or property transfers, the procedure is often fairly simple, but it does require official notarized documents.

  1. Agreements

Like contracts, agreements are another reason why people look for notary services. While some agreements are also contracts, that is not always the case. Regardless, notary services can be useful for both situations.

  1. Powers of Attorney

As a common legal document power of attorney signings often require notary services as well. Because these needs are often short-notice and unexpected, portable notary services may be particularly helpful.

  1. Renewals

Lastly, renewals are another top reason why people seek notary services. Whenever contracts renew, for example, the new signatures for future contracts will need a witness just as the original signatures required.

As it turns out, there are many reasons to need notary services. What is your reason?