How technology has transformed the gaming world

The gap between fantasy and reality is becoming ever smaller. Technology has helped the gaming experience evolve over recent years, from the early electronic games to modern day virtual reality experiences.The global game markets now account for 123.5 billion USD, out of the 2.5 billion gamers, 52% of them prefer using their smartphones or tablets to do so.

So it is no surprise to see the same progression in online gambling, from slot games, casino games and notably the online live casino experience, allowing users to experience a real life casino experience from the comfort of their home, with the use of amazing graphics, gesture controls, facial recognition, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Online gaming now so easily accessible via your handheld device that can fit in your pocket and accessed 24 hours a day, no wonder it has become such a success worldwide, you can see examples of online gambling sites here.

At the end of 2017 the mobile gambling industry was said to be $100bn, I suppose this will contribute to the eventual downfall on the high street bookmaker, when everything the customer needs can be so easily accessed via their mobile or tablet. I suppose one positive of the high street shop is the ability of being able to use cash payments rather than the use of credit or debit cards which could cause overspending but gambling via your mobile will not replicate the atmosphere of the bookmakers on grand national day!

I have read a lot now on the up-and-cominghyperreality, giving people to come together as a group and engage in a virtual reality gaming experience together.

Similar to a VAR experience but hyperreality will enable to user actions to actually correspond to the physical space. Players can actually touch things around them rather than a fully visual experience, it is a combination of both AR and VR technology.

In conclusion modern technology has transformed the world, and we can’t imagine living without the internet, smartphones, and various high-tech gadgets. There is no better time to be a gamer than now. In coming times, we will see more technological advances in the gaming sector. The future development of the gaming industry will begin to bridge that gap towards reality, as well as helping expand and grow the online gambling experience also.