How to Avoid Spending Too Much On Storage Services


We all want to get a good deal and not pay too much for it. It’s the same story with moving. And as storage services are an integral part of the moving process, it deserves proper attention as well. It’s especially important to avoid spending too much on storage services when you’re moving on a tight budget. By avoiding mistakes people usually make, you can actually get a good deal on storage and save your money in the process.

Renting During Peak Seasons

The peak season of the year is the time when storage units are in high demand, summer for example. And as it usually happens, higher the demand, higher the price.On the opposite, during the non-peak season demand decreases. That’s the time when you should sign a rental agreement if you want to can save money. So, if you’re planning to do home renovations, this is the time of year to avoid.

Since there’s a strong connection between price and seasonal demand, you can save a few dollars by signing a rental agreement during non-peak seasons.

It’s All About Location

To a certain extent, it is. Location is one of the key factors that determine the price of storage services. For that reason, you should look up affordable storage units in your area. However, keep in mind that the units in large cities or units that are located downtown are usually more expensive than those who are located in not so populated areas. However, sometimes it’s not that easy to figure it out. If you do live in a heavily populated area, it might be cheaper to spend on gas and rent storage farther from you.

Spending too Much on Storage Services for the Items That You Don’t Need

As you know, you need to pay for the renting service, so make sure you really need them in the first place. If you’re not using something for a couple of years, chances are you don’t actually need it. Why waste your hard earned money on items that you don’t use. For this reason, sort through your belongings and see if there’s something to be thrown away, recycled, sold or donated. After all, the amount or number of your belongings determines the unit size.

Choose the Right Unit Size

As the cost of the unit is based on its square footage it’s important to choose the unit that’s just right for your needs. Why would you pay for the empty space inside of your storage unit? The way to do that is by:

  • using size guides available online
  • using calculators most of the storage service facilities provide
  • using the general rule: one bedroom apartment can fir a 50 square foot area.

Tip: If you try to save up space by squeezing things into a storage unit, be careful not to overpack. You can end up damaging some of your belongings.

Quality of a Storage Facility

Storage facility quality has a direct impact on price. Newer facilities will charge more than the outdated facilities. You want your stored items to be safe. Sometimes if you avoid spending too much on storage services can result in having to compensate for the damage. That’s the reason you should consider hiring a reputable company, like Zippy Shell Columbus.


Be careful when deciding on a storage unit.

Getting Unnecessary Features

On the other hand, there are certain features that storage facilities provide that you just don’t need. And of course, the price depends on those features. Having climate controlled, inside or outside unit might be necessary for special kind of stored items. For the others, that kind of unit would mean a waste of money. The same goes with drive-up access. It certainly depends on items that are being stored.

Avoid Spending too Much on Storage Services by Doing This

We all know that there are jobs out there that get you paid well. But, even if you do have a job like that, it’s not a reason to waste you hard earned funds. There are certain things you might do that directly affect the amount of money you’re going to give.

Follow Discounts

When you are looking around for a storage company, check if any of them offer discounts. As many of them offer discounts for certain groups of people, you might find out you belong to one. You can also get your first month free. Also, you can get a discount for using cash instead of a credit card. It never hurts to try.

Negotiate Prices

Moving industry is a quite competitive field and you can always try to negotiate prices. Don’t be afraid to try, because the worst thing that could happen is you pay the price that you initially had to pay.

Money in ground

Money doesn’t grow on trees, so try negotiating.

Splitting the Cost

Finding someone to split the cost with can really help you save quite a bit. The reason is that it’s usually much cheaper to rent big unit storage. That’s why some people decide to be cost-effective since they might not need to use the whole unit.

Online Offers

As we all know, there are ways to use technology to stay ahead in life. The same goes with looking up for special online offers for storage services. A lot of storage companies offer special prices to those who rent online.

Try to Pay Less for Other Kinds of Moving Services


By saving a bit by bit for every service you need, you can save quite a bit.

You shouldn’t only avoid spending too much on storage services. There are also other services that moving process includes. Other than figuring out what company to go with for every service, in particular, you can also choose one company that provides the whole service. In the end, it’s important that you feel safe and that you’re sure your belongings are in the right place. If you also save some money while you’re at it, then it’s a win-win situation. Good luck!