How to buy used car safely

Used car market in India has grown steadily, in fact with more than 5 million used cars sales this is an even bigger sector than the new cars, so we believe that there are more people who want to buy a Used Mercedes than those who want to buy new cars but they don’t because they have concerns like reliability, damage, performance, the documents that will be needed, so here we will help you in going through the key checks that one need to go through to get a better used car. If you Need used Chevrolet Beat in Bangalore online, remember to first get the basics checked.

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Things one needs to see before buying a used car-

  1. Most important thing that one should look forward to is reliability; this should surpass all the other factors, for this check the engine (heart of the car), engine oil, radiator etc to confirm the condition of the engine.
  2. Also beware of the cars that have been in major accidents in the past as this might have damaged the vital parts of the car, for this look for welding marks, undue patches etc you can get this known by contacting the service company of insurance company.
  3. Avoid cars with heavy modification as they may be concealing heavy damage under them. Check for the equipments like headlights, taillight, air-conditioner, indicator etc are working properly or not, check If they are working or not and if they have any sign of damage or not.
  4. Finally drive the car by yourself at all kind of speeds to check the gearbox, suspension, and engine. Stearing is working properly or not and see all the accessories are in working condition or not.
  5. Finally check for the registration certification and all the details it has in it like model number, chassis number if they match with the car or not, check for the service book to check if it has been serviced properly and regularly or not. Check if the insurance has been transferred to you name or not and see for the traffic police NOC for the vehicle.