How to Use Google Sheets to Track Amazon Prices

On Amazon, prices for various things may fluctuate on a daily basis. You’ll be able to keep track of these Price Changes Amazon with your email using a single Google Spreadsheet. All that is required is to enter the links to the relevant items into the Google Spreadsheet and set it up. Let’s have a look at the steps:

  • Creating Amazon Access Keys – Go to your Amazon Associates account and sign in. Then, from the Tools drop-down box, select the Product Advertising API. Choose the Manage Your Credentials option beneath the Add Credentials section. You’ll notice that Amazon has produced a secret key and an access ID key from there.
  • Copying Your Price Tracker Spreadsheet Using Your Google Account Remember to keep the layout of the spreadsheet consistent, since altering it now might cause the price tracker to stop working. Put the Amazon URL for your product in the Column labelled A after the tracker has been uploaded. 
  • The Amazon link provides the product’s 10-digit ASIN number, which Google utilises to track price fluctuations. It’s also worth noting that the Google spreadsheet that will be used to track pricing will also include other relevant information about the goods, such as the merchant’s name, shipping costs, total product rating, and so on.
  • Setting Price Boundaries- This is a stage that you may skip if you don’t want to. You may also set price limitations in the price tracker, which will notify you via email if a specific discount is provided on the product or when the product reaches a particular price. This way, you’ll have a head start on everyone else and get your hands on the merchandise first. To complete this step, simply proceed to column B and enter the desired percentage or price.
  • Amazon Price Tracker Configuration- To setup the Amazon Price Tracker, go to the menu of the Google spreadsheets and choose configure. It’s possible that you’ll need to activate the Amazon Price Tracker script later on in order to link it to the Amazon API and get pending email alerts. Simply input your Amazon Access ID key, your Amazon secret key, and your Amazon email ID after selecting setup, and you’ll start getting email notifications about the goods you’ve added to the price tracker every day.

Amazon Price Tracker’s Advantages

  • Whether you already have a product in mind that you want to purchase, you might conduct further research to see if the pricing is greater than it usually is. To do so, go to a price tracking website and look for the goods you want to buy. 
  • To discover your selected product, enter an Amazon ASIN, the URL to the Amazon page, or keywords. You may view the highest price the item has ever sold for, the lowest price the item has ever sold for, and the average price for the product after you’ve located it.

To summarise, the Amazon price tracker is a very valuable tool since it can track the price changes of Kindle eBooks as well as maintain track of pricing on,,, and other country-specific Amazon websites. As a result, it is a really valuable product.