Have you ever been to Portugal before? If not, you are in for a treat. Nature and the culture create a fabulous palette of colors and influences you might just want to bottle up and take home with you. There are so many special cities and spots, which you should definitely visit.


This is one of the most amazing holiday spots in the country. It is located on the coast of Atlantic Ocean, so it is one of the most popular resorts in Europe. You can also get to this city by boat. The beaches are in a walking distance, so you can find long coastline that is not overcrowded and enjoy the solitude. There are a variety of shops, bars, restaurants, and an amazing selection of nightlife options.


Faro is the capital city of Algarve region. The easiest way to travel is to get a car rental in Faro airport. It will add convenience to your travel plans both around the city and around the country. One of the most amazing things to see in Faro is the old town. It was built inside the Moorish wall with an entrance gate Arco da Vila, which were damaged during an earthquake. Its cobblestone streets look like from a fairy-tale and surround the Faro Cathedral. There is a beautiful marina, the Municipal Museum with prehistoric, medieval, and religion artifacts, and a natural park that comprises of little islets and beaches.


It is located inland from the coast, but this little rural city still has a lot to offer its visitors: luxury hotels, fantastic nightlife, incredible views of cliffs, etc.

You can learn more about the whole region by tasting the food made from local ingredients and drinks, which together provide an insight into the Portuguese cuisine and mentality.


It is one of the resorts you should consider visiting because of its varied attractions: medieval castle walls, old and beautiful churches, beaches to explore and watch sunsets on, etc. You can even go on a safari to watch dolphins or go on a sightseeing cruise.

If you simply want to relax, there are plenty of cafes and bars to sit in, have a drink and enjoy the weather and do some people watching.


It is a boisterous market town quite far away from the coast, which offers to see a part of the Portuguese history in combination with their modern life. There is a museum within the Loulé Castle. Other attractions include an old Islamic bathhouse, Moorish house, Church of Igreja Matriz de São Clemente, which serves as a minaret, etc.

Stroll along all the different shops, enjoy the food, and drink Portugal drinks. You can reach the city via public transportation, but if you have a rental car, it will be much easier. Loulé municipality is also famous for its sandy beaches in Quarteira.


Driving over the hill that hides the valley with its orchards that are home for amazing orange trees is truly magical. There is another castle to see and a plenty of cultural history from Portuguese and the Moors alike in Silves.

There are a lot of bars and cafes, a market where you can buy your favorite fruit and vegetables. Explore the old town on foot and learn a lot about the Islamic history of this city.

It does not matter what kind of activity you like, Algarve has everything to offer you adventures or simple chill-out in the sunshine.