Norton Mobile Security And Everything That You Need To Know About It

Because of today’s technology, people grew fond of downloading and installing free applications. Because of installing games on our devices,  we are unconsciously putting our devices and sometimes ourselves in danger. Some of them may contain unseen trackers that could compromise your security.

For our phone’s security, nobody ever wants to settle with average service. While technology is improving, cyber crimes and threats are also upgrading, one thing many technology users do not realize. Talking about security, we are going to share important information about Norton Mobile Security.

What Is Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is virus protection and a phone security application. It helps identify viruses and keeps your device safe from any suspicious malware. In addition, it also blocks threats like thefts and malicious applications, and sites that might steal your info like passwords and bank account numbers. They also work up against online scams and cyber threats.

This application considered itself as the most advanced in Android’s mobile security across the world. Although it is also available for iOS users and can be downloaded from their App Store. Norton has proven its efficacy as an anti-virus software with its years of experience. 

It has received a lot of recognition, commendations, and praise from various magazines and sites. Not to mention they were given the Innovation Award for mobile security by AV-Test and PC Magazine Editor Choice Award, making their users at ease the moment they put this into their phone. 

Protecting Your Mobile Device

Because of the increasing number of tablets and smartphones, cybersecurity has also improved. People got really into this internet on-the-go, attracting more cyber criminals on their mobile devices. They would damage the gadget with malicious software such as ransomware and spyware. Thus, Norton launched the Norton 360 Multi-Device, offering defense for different devices.

Norton then continued to develop its services and products and launched Norton Security. This is a simpler format of the Norton 360 but provides the same solutions and services. Years later, the Symantec Corporation presented the Norton Mobile Security. It was the equivalent of Norton Antivirus. 

What Does It Offer

The Norton Antivirus is a well-known program and could establish strong ties in the industry. The top service that it provides is the ability to detect the virus. Aside from the virus protection, this also has an automatic user interface. Plus, it will not give you a hard time to navigate.

The Norton Mobile Security app continually improves and provides regular virus updates. It also gives many options in customer service and is offered at a reasonable price.  You are allowed to have one subscription for different devices and adjust your online privacy. 

With all of these, Norton assures to provide an excellent malware detection rate for its customers. A few of its best features are Privacy Report, System Advisor, Web Protection, App Advisor, and Wi-Fi Security. Other than them, this application has key security quality that offers different benefits like the following.

  • Malware Protection
  • Protective Anti-Malware Blocker
  • Safe Search and Browsing
  • Call & Text Blocking and Spam & Fraud Alerts
  • Sim Card Lock and Contacts Back-Up
  • Anti-Theft

Mobile Security Features

Web Protection

The Web Protection feature gives complete security on your device every time you go online. This protects and helps their users from visiting malicious and phishing websites. It is detecting and safeguarding users from directing to unfamiliar web addresses regardless of which email, browser, networking site, or app you are using.

App Advisor

The App Advisor is considered being one of Norton Mobile Security’s top features. This is a built-in tool that detects if there are specific threats to your privacy. Also, it scans for malware. This feature protects your device from mobile threats such as adware, ransomware, and malware proactively. 

Wi-Fi Security

The Wi-Fi Security feature detects and alerts users if the joined network is questionable and dangerous. It lets you know if you are connected to lines with password protection and security issues. Let Norton access your current location to scan any Wi-Fi threats.

System Advisor

The System Advisor feature alerts its users once there are detected threats to the operating system. It is crucial to track these threats as they allow attackers to get your information and device. This feature gives you information about your device’s overall security, with potential vulnerabilities and few settings.


It is undeniable that today’s technology has made our lives so much easier, from allowing us to communicate worldwide to let us do any transactions online. But as it develops further, the possibility of our security being compromised also increases. Good thing, virus protection applications like the Norton were also developed.