Ford is known as one of the best diesel trucks, and its 1995-2003 7.3L Powerstroke engine was the best power stroke engine ever produced. This engine was reliable and had incredible power capability. However, an enthusiast can add power and reliability while improving MPGs with a few modifications.

Cold Air Intake

To maximize fuel efficiency, the 7.3 powerstroke turbo should be modified with the S&B Filters 75.5062 cold air intake. Because this intake lowers the air and fuel temperatures, it holds more oxygen, producing greater explosion when the fuel sparks. Therefore, your power is increased.

Not only does your engine receive 53% more airflow, its efficiency increases by over 99%.


Injector pumps were not included in the powerstroke engine, but each HEUI injector is its own pump. Therefore, your engine has greater oil and fuel flow. These US-made injectors are reliable and have high quality technical support.


The MagnaFlow 18951 large aluminized performance exhaust system kit has mandrel-bent tubing and aluminized steel construction. This kit goes straight through the muffler and provides greater power to the engine. It is also made in the US.

Fuel Pump

The Bosch Electric fuel pump almost eliminates fuel pulsation and allows the fuel to run efficiently. The materials and design reduce vibrations and noise. This durable fuel pump lasts longer without service due to its carbon brushes and advanced materials. This fuel pump also has a reasonable cost, so replacement is inexpensive. This modification increases fuel efficiency and effectiveness.


The Garrett Powermax GTP38R Ballbearing Turbocharger is the best for this model. It spools faster and supplies greater boost and torque throughout the rev range. This turbocharger also adds 370 or more horsepower to your vehicle.

If you have a Ford Powerstroke diesel from 1995-2003 and you would like to increase its power and efficiency, consider modifying your engine with high-quality parts.