Ray Ban is world renowned brand when it comes to premium and top of the line sunglasses. This high end eyewear brand needs no introduction.

Glorious past

It was in the year 1929, when a senior officer of US Air Force requested Rochester headquartered, medical equipment manufacturing company Bausch & Lomb to create specialized sunglasses that may fulfill the specific needs of the fighter pilots. This included protection from harsh sunlight and UV Rays at higher altitudes while flying fighter jets.

Thus, the idea of Ray Ban sunglasses came into being. The first prototype made specifically for US Air Force in 1936 was simply named ‘Anti glare sunglasses’ which eventually evolved as today’s Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses and went on to become a style statement in it self.

Range of products

Today, the Ray Ban product portfolio includes a vast variety of eyewear products like Aviators, Wayfarers, Optical frames and high quality lenses for Ray Ban Sunglasses.

Ray Ban’s Polarized and Photo chromatic Lenses

The Sunglasses with Polarized lenses have a huge fan following among mountaineers, adventure sports enthusiasts and common men and women. These lenses are designed and made scientifically to block the light reflecting from any surface. The sunglasses with Polarized lenses are very useful while climbing high mountains and sailing in the sea. As the sunlight tends to reflect on the ice and water, creating harsh glare which in turn blocks the vision of humans.

Polarized Sunglasses block the glare altogether in such environments and make things easier to see for sailors and mountaineers.

Ray Ban Photo chromatic sunglasses are sensitive to the light and they have the ability to change color and become darker when exposed to the sunlight. These sunglasses like most other Ray Ban Sunglasses also provide 100% protection from harmful Ultra Violet rays of the Sun.

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