Dianabol is designed by a company called Ciba. It is classified as a controlled substance. Even though it is legal to use this drug one must purchase it with prescription. Along with using it for medical reasons, it is also popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

Dianabol Dosage and cycle:

Dianabol is a bulk steroid. It is very difficult to decide the dosage when it comes to Dianabol. This should be based on the cycle. Along with this aim of taking the steroid, how fast the user is expecting the results, and users sensitiveness to medication should be considered while deciding the dosage of Dianabol.

If the user is highly sensitive then they better make a cycle of 6 weeks and plan for a low dosage. Users with high expectations can form a shorter cycle with high dosages. Dosage timing also matters a lot.

The standard cycle suggested for Dianabol ranges from 3- 6 weeks. If it is a 6 week cycle then users will see significant results in 4th week. For effective results one must follow the daily dosages and it is better t combine it with an inject able. Usually men combine Dianabol with testosterone and women go for EQ or Deca. There will be a kick start for the aimed results by these combinations.

Side effects:

One among the common side effect is this steroid is hepatotoxic. That means, this steroid will have adverse effects on the liver if taken at higher dosages. Length of the cycle and the dosage both should be limited in case of dianabol. This will help in avoiding most of the long term effects on liver. Along with this when taking Dianabol users must watch their alcohol intake and any other thing which has adverse effects on liver.

Other side effects reported are male pattern baldness and unprovoked aggression. Side effects like acne and oily skin may also be experienced and these are androgenic side effects. But the side effects may not be experienced by all the users. It also depends on their health status. For example if the user already prone to baldness from heredity and prone to acne then they should better avoid Dianabol.

If a person is suffering from high blood pressure then he should avoid taking Dianabol because it has the property to increase the blood pressure. To be on the safer side they can go for alternatives like Anabol testo capsules. When taking Dianabol some users may experience side effects related to oestrogen. So, side effects like Gynocomastia may occur and to avoid this one must combine anti- aromatase or anti- oestrogen. Swelling of breast tissue is termed as gynocomatsia. There will be some solution to this problem so if the user experiences this then he must consult a physician. This issue is not a permanent damage.

Rapid increase of weight by using Dianabol is the result of water retention in the body in the initial weeks. This may lead to bloated look. So, some users may experience round neck and face.