Social media adverts 

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Social media platforms have become a crucial part of any business with most people around the world spending a lot of time on social media which has led businesses to turn to social media advertising due to them being able to branch out to millions of new potential customers across the different social media platforms. More industries are turning to social media adverts to help them gain new business and one industry that has seen great success from this is the online gambling industry and online casinos seeing a lot of new customers playing online from social media platforms. The gambling industry has seen great success from using social media adverts to attract new customers by promoting adverts that offer users free spins or a welcome offer when they make an account, this has proven to be very popular amongst social media users. A lot of other industries are using online casinos as an example to use social media platforms to grow their businesses and websites. Social media platforms are a huge potential market for new customers with so many different people spending hours on the platforms they are a good way to bring in new business. Paid adverts have become a crucial part of a business with companies being able to target a set audience with the adverts to make sure that they are attracting the right types of customers.

During the pandemic, the gambling industry used social media platforms to their benefit with them knowing that people had a lot more spare time on their hands so they turned to social media platforms to promote their business which has brought in a lot of new customers due to people at home looking for ways to keep entertained during the lockdowns. A lot of online gaming companies saw a large increase in users visiting them from social media adverts that they had promoted. There are different forms of social media platforms so companies can either target one platform or create adverts across them all to make sure they are branching out to as many potential customers as possible. There are now more social media adverts than ever before with near enough every business that has a website looking to take to social media adverts to bring in more business and to compete with rivals who are already doing this. A lot more companies are now turning to social media adverts over other forms of marketing due to them being able to target large amounts of people at one time.