Solar Panel Installation 101: Frequently Asked Questions

In this modern world, electricity is undoubtedly a necessity. It powers everything everyone needs to fulfil duties at home or work. Virtually every person’s source of entertainment is also dependent on electricity. But with the unfavourable effects of traditional sources of energy, the world needs a sustainable point of supply—and solar panels for your home are one of them.

If you are thinking about getting solar panels to power your dwelling, you must have numerous questions about its set-up procedures and requirements. Scroll through to find the answers to some of your inquiries about solar panel installation.

1. Can I Put My Solar Panels Anywhere I Want?

Whether you are participating in a solar panel leasing programme in Singapore or getting your own, you cannot put your panels anywhere you wish. You can only place them on the roofs of your home, shed, garage, or patio.

2. How Can I Decide Where To Install My Solar Panels?

You can decide where to put the solar panels for your home if you think about where the sunlight hits the most. They should directly face the sun during the middle of the day to harvest as much sunlight as possible.

3. How Can I Arrange My Solar Panels?

You can make the most of a solar panel by following the correct installation guidelines. Shade should not cover every square to get as much sunlight as possible. Moreover, you should maximise your roof space by neatly arranging the panels into rows.

4. Do I Need To Hire Solar Panel Installers?

If you sign up for a solar roof rental scheme, you will not need to hire professionals to install the panels since the programme provider will do it. But if you are purchasing your solar panels, you will require the expertise of installers to ensure that you will have an appropriate set-up.

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