If you’re behind on bills, you may be tempted to get an installment loan. These are loans you can obtain up to a certain amount that you use to cover bills and other expenses. The interest rates on such loans can be high, however, and you should only get such a loan under certain circumstances.

Here are some times when you should and shouldn’t get an installment loan. After reading this, when you’re ready for such a loan, contact a reputable online lender such as MaxLend. With a MaxLend loan, money is easily at your fingertips.

Times When You Should Get an Installment Loan

Think about applying for an installment loan if any of the following circumstances apply to you.

When You’re Unexpectedly Behind on Your Bills

If you’re behind on your bills and need a little extra help, applying for an installment loan makes sense so long as you make plans to pay that loan off as quickly as possible.

When You Want To Consolidate Loans

Consolidating all your debts into one easy payment makes sense financially so long as you don’t incur any further debt. If you do choose to take out a consolidation loan, use the money to pay off your other bills. Then work on paying that one loan off as soon as you can.

When You’re Ready To Get on Top of Your Finances

Getting an installment loan will only work so long as you are willing to create a budget and learn to live within your means. Write down all of your expenses for one month and then compare those expenses to your income.

If your expenses are greater than your income, see what you can cut back. Stop eating out and learn to cook at home. Get up a little earlier each morning to make your coffee rather than buying that pricier cup from the coffee shop. Saving money in little ways can add up and help you get out of debt.

When You Shouldn’t Get an Installment Loan

Just as there are times when getting an installment loan makes sense, there are other times when obtaining such a loan isn’t such a great idea. Here are some reasons to not get an installment loan.

When You’ve Already Obtained an Installment Loan That You’re Still Paying

If you’re still making payments on an installment loan you took out a few months ago, look at other ways to pay that bill instead. Look for a second job to help cover those extra expenses. Call the lending institution and explain the situation to see if you can get more time. Lending companies are more willing to work with you when you communicate with them, so get proactive.

When You Want To Buy Something Fun

An installment loan should never be taken out to pay for a vacation or other fun item. Save up for those expenses instead.

Knowing when you should and shouldn’t take out an installment loan helps you be smarter financially and eventually become debt-free so that you can start saving for a comfortable retirement.