Use Your Pearl Jewelry as Dressy or Casual

Your single strand of any classic white pearls may take you right from day to your evening wear. You can either dress up with your proverbial blue jeans and fitting t-shirt, or you may add splash of brightness to your classic black dress.

You can also pair any mikimoto pearls jewelry with diamonds to give an elegant evening appearance or combine pearls with gemstones meant for everyday wear.

If you are bored by your same single strand then you can add pendant in your pearls with an enhancer for personalizing your look.

Pearl Jewelry for Day

Typically, you can wear any color of pearls with your favorite t-shirt. Also, pink, champagne or black-colored pearl jewelry are great for matching with your outfit. Any pretty pastels can add style to sundress in summer, while dark-colored pearls can match with your winter sweater.

Smaller pearls, which are less than seven mm diameter, may also be more suitable as your daytime wear. Younger women traditionally opt for smaller sized pearls and older women prefer larger than seven mm with lots of style and grace.

Pearl necklaces are available in various lengths. Any 16” Choker strand or 18” Princess Length pearls strand fits well with any shirt’s neckline.

As a daytime wear, you may also double up pearls of longer strands e.g. the 36” Opera length, for creating the look of 2 Princess strands.

Pearl Jewelry meant for Evening

Few jewelry pieces look more elegant as compared to gorgeous strand of any pure white pearls with Princess-style falling just above your neckline of evening gown or classic black dress.

For evening wear any longer pearl lengths necklaces traditionally will do well, too. You can layer 2 different lengths for your classic dressy look.

You should not be afraid of wearing even the longest, 51” rope chain as single layer as evening wear, or you can tie it in knot near center of the chest to get an elegant look.

Whatever be your age, any larger pearls will suit evening wear quite well. Earrings with teardrop-shaped pearl having gold accents can create elegant complement to the pearl necklace.

All these tips available for wearing different pearl jewelry, however you must experiment to find few of your own favorite styles, lengths and colors to match your taste.