Wedding Insurance – What is It? Is It Worth It?

A wedding is undoubtedly the most important event of one’s life as it marks an epoch in a person’s life. It is the beginning of new relations, new families and no wonder the celebrations around it are grand. But even if you plan every single detail meticulously, accidents and mishaps come unplanned in life and can entirely spoil our happy events. Such a joyous occasion like a grand wedding deserves to be protected from all disasters and uncertainties. But the question is how? How can you guarantee protection for the most planned day of your life? The good news is just like you can insure your life, your car, or property; you can now insure your wedding too. To make the most memorable day of your life even more memorable, you can get your wedding event insured to cross out any uncertainties or damages that may, unfortunately, take place. It will keep your families, guests, relatives and valuable properties safe in case of any unfortunate incident. Here is all you need to know to get your wedding day insured for the best.   

How to get weddings insured?

You can buy any wedding insurance plans offered by insurance companies to secure this precious day. Several insurance companies nowadays offer wedding insurances along with all other kinds of insurance. While purchasing online, you can also have several Weddingplan Insurance discount codes which will help you to insure the day at a lower cost. Please check the policies and the areas covered under the plan before you buy it. The insurance plans are varied and customizable as per the requirements of the customers. For instance, if the wedding venue is at a faraway destination, you may need insurance plans to cover for your guests and valuables.

Is it worth buying wedding insurance?

The decision to insure your wedding depends on a lot of factors. If you have planned the wedding at your own house or lawn and already have a personal accident cover or life insurance done, you may not find wedding insurance needed for your wedding. But if the wedding is taking place at some destination or some hotel where a lot of costs is involved, wedding insurance is worthy enough for such cases. Since days and months of planning, investment, effort and time go into one day of a grand wedding, it is definitely worth purchasing wedding insurance to secure that big day. The cost of wedding insurance is nothing when compared to the emotional as well as financial investment that goes into a wedding, and thus it should be a part of your wedding day plans. Taking into account the fact that a lot of money is involved in these events, wedding insurance is a must to be on the safe side. By having an insurance policy, you are having significant support if something goes wrong. Almost all possible risks are covered under wedding insurance plans, and it includes cancellations, accidents, damage to property, etc.

    Cancellation of weddings

Wedding insurance usually covers cancellation of marriages due to theft or burglary, fire and other accidents, natural calamities like earthquakes or flood, the death of a person, personal injury to the named person or sudden illness requiring hospitalisation. However, it won’t cover cancellations due to sudden breakdown of transport services, cancellation of flights, terrorist activities, family disputes or intentional damage to property. Your wedding insurance will cover the expenses incurred in the printing of cards or advances given to the venue, the caterer or the hotel.

    Damage or loss of property

Wedding insurance also covers losses incurred due to damage to property in accidents, calamities and case of theft or burglary. It includes the cost of the decoration and sets, the precious jewellery and appliances that were present at the venue. In the case of the value of jewellery and precious stones to be covered, the valuation certificate and bills may need to be produced. However, it won’t take into account any damage to property due to personal unawareness, wear and tear, mechanical breakdown, property kept outside the venue without proper supervision, or any act of terrorism.

    Personal Accidents

It covers any personal accident causing deaths or disablement or severe injury to the named persons. That may include the bride and the groom and the blood relations or some relatives. However, it may not cover deaths or injuries due to war or such acts of hostilities.