What Is Bedtime Procrastination

After a long day of a hectic schedule, when your body needs rest, you find yourself to be awake. The reason is staying awake is not so valid for scrolling over social or having a talk with a friend. The researchers have given a name to this behavior of bedtime procrastination. Let’s learn more about bedtime procrastination from the below article.

What Is Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Revenge bedtime Procrastination refers to having the decision to sacrifice nighttime sleep to have more leisure time. Many people in high-stress jobs make this decision for lack of free time during the daytime. They try to spend some time with entertainment through bedtime procrastination. However, it stops with insufficient sleep and affects physically.

How To Identify Bedtime Procrastination

While many people can determine whether they are procrastinating or not. If you are unsure about this, then you can follow whether you think the following situations when going to sleep or not; such:

  • Intentionally making delays in going to bed
  • No valid reason to cause a delay in going to bed

Causes Of Bedtime Procrastination

Some research is about why people want to make free time from sleep. While some research shows that those people search for some stress relief after a busy day, or some people want to live in an early bird’s world. There are some beliefs that people want to procrastinate to do essential things. Whatever the reason is, Bedtime Procrastination affects health badly.

How To Cope With Bedtime Procrastination

There is a lot of advice to cope with bedtime procrastination, such as following basic sleep hygiene, not exercising before bedtime, avoiding screens, etc. A good sleeping habit has a significant contribution to health. Generally, experts think that the primary cause of bedtime procrastination is a lack of free time during the day. So, give yourself some green time and have a mindset that you will sleep by a specific time every day.


Occasionally spending time at night scrolling social media, reading books or talking to friends is ordinary, but making it a daily habit can impact your overall health. Depriving the body of what it needs is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. So, it will always be better to avoid it first.